The Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Usman Alkali Baba, has directed policemen to meet force with force in order to protect voters and INEC officials before, during and after the 2023 governorship and state assembly elections nationwide.

Addressing policemen in Abuja on the preparedness for the March 18th 2023 governorship elections, Baba directed the Deputy Inspectors-General (DIGs), Assistant Inspectors-General (AIGs) and Commissioners of Police to maintain adequate security within their domains by combating thugs and other bad elements sent to disrupt the elections with maximum force.

“Enough of this unwarranted threats and attacks. Show them that we are capable of dealing with the miscreants and their sponsors who want to cause mayhem”, he directed.

Baba had earlier ordered the restriction of all vehicular movement on the roads, waterways and other forms of transportation from 12am to 6pm on election day in all states where elections will be conducted with the exception of those on essential services such as INEC Officials, Electoral Observers, Accredited Media and Observers, ambulances responding to medical emergencies, firefighters, etc.

However, this directive excludes the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) as no election is being conducted therein.

Similarly, the Baba reiterates the ban on all security aides to VIPs and escorts from accompanying their principals and politicians to polling booths and collation centres during the election.

State-established and owned security outfits/organisations, quasi-security units, and privately-owned guard and security outfits are also barred from participating in election security management.

He therefore, urges all citizens to be law abiding during and after the elections, even as he assures that all necessary security arrangements have been emplaced to ensure they exercise their franchise unhindered.

He also urges the general public to contact the Nigeria Police Force Headquarters via mobile phone numbers 08033440189 (DIG Operations), 08033027731 (AIG FEDOPS), and 08034040439 (CP Elections), the ‘NPF Rescue Me App’ on Android and ios, and via the NPF Rescue Me Emergency Toll-free line on 08031230631, to request emergency security response.

Similarly, other election situation room numbers which have been shared on Nigeria Police social media platforms will be repeatedly released by concerned State Police Commands for necessary emergency contact.