A group under the auspices of the League of Udu Professionals (LUP) has appealed to the traditional monarch of the Udu kingdom UduOvo 1 for his fatherly intervention in the forthcoming Union of Udu Communities (UUC).

The group made this appeal in a media statement made available to newsmen in Udu.

According to the press statement the appeal for a credible election, become necessary following the rumor that the royal cabinet has handpicked one candidate among the two credible candidates who were to contest for the union leadership position.

It was alleged that Ovie has endorsed Chief Moses Uppran to be the leader of the Union of Udu Communities. This has caused confusion in the community, especially among the followers of his opponent Mr. Austin Emaduku.

The group pleaded with the Udu Monarch to allow the Udu people to choose their leader through a democratic process so as to deepen the sense of inclusion among the citizens.