As Muslims celebrate the Eid-Kabir in Delta State in his environs, the Chief Imam of Federal College of Technical Education, Asaba Central Mosque, Alhaji Dr. Adekola Yinusa has said that the celebration is a festival to show appreciation to God.

Yinusa said that the Eid-Kabir celebration is also a lesson the Muslims learned from their great, great father Prophet Ibrahim who was sincere and very loyal to the Almighty God.

He added that Prophet Ibrahim decided to slaughter his own son (Ismahi) for the fear he had in Alhah, and Alhah ransom the life of Ismahi with a big ram, which the Muslims do commemorate today.

Adekola maintained that, if the Christians/Muslims have that faith, and loyalty amongst themselves, there is nothing we want on earth here that God will not do for us, especially for our country, and on the day of judgment, He (God) will gather everyone.

Yinusa said that it is so significant that it shows people that loyalty, faithfulness, and sincerity in God pay a lot and people are enjoined to do exactly that.

He advised Nigerians to shun material wealth, as well as the attitude to pull others down, saying they are sinful in the sight of God.

The sariki of Hausa/Leader of Arewa Community Asaba, Delta State, Alhaji Ibrahim Babagero, said that, the Eid-Kabir which means festival of sacrifice was meant by Alhah to test, examine and analyze the faith of Prophet Mohammed which he exhibited without blemish.

Ibrahim tasked the leaders to rule with the fear of God for the progress of the country and advised Muslims to imbibe the spirit of love, piety, and mutual coexistence with one another as exemplified by the prophet Muhammad.