…reaffirms dedication to troops’ welfare

The Chief of Army Staff, Major General Taoreed Lagbaja, has urged Nigerian Army personnel to supplement their military endeavors with prayers for the success of the Nigerian Army in its operational engagements and for the unity of Nigeria amidst the prevailing security challenges faced by the nation.

He made this call during the Interdenominational Church Service held on Sunday at the Mogadishu Military Cantonment, Abuja, as part of the Nigerian Army Day Celebration (NADCEL) 2023.

In a press release signed by Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu, the Director of Army Public Relations, Gen. Lagbaja highlighted that last week, the Nigerian Army commenced its commemoration of 160 years of existence since its formation in 1867, when 18 men known as the Glover Hausas of the Royal Navy were organized into the formidable force. He emphasised that the Nigerian Army remains a source of pride for the nation and a significant force in Africa and globally.

Gen. Lagbaja stated that the Interdenominational Church Service is one of several activities scheduled across Nigerian Army formations and units to celebrate the birth of the Nigerian Army as a symbol of national unity and integration, adding that the service also provides an opportunity to offer prayers and supplications to God Almighty on behalf of the Nigerian Army, the Armed Forces of Nigeria, and the nation as a whole.

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“While we commemorate our 160th year, I must acknowledge that our journey has not been without challenges. The Nigerian Army, in its mission to uphold national unity, has confronted a civil war, participated in peacekeeping missions, and is currently engaged in combating terrorism, insurgency, and other criminal activities throughout the country,” affirmed the Army Chief.

Gen. Lagbaja reiterated that the Nigerian Army’s various engagements within and beyond Nigeria have resulted in the loss of loved ones and providers.

“We have shed blood, we have cared for the wounded in action, and the number of widows and orphans has increased. Our sacrifices are driven by our love for God, humanity, and country,” he stated.

Consequently, he encouraged all Nigerian Army personnel to reflect on the security challenges and incorporate them into their prayers, trusting that God Almighty will bless the efforts of the Nigerian Army and the Armed Forces of Nigeria with success.

In addition to pledging enhanced dedication to the welfare and well-being of the troops under his command, the COAS urged all personnel to continue giving their best to reciprocate the government’s support by maintaining loyalty, discipline, patriotism, and unwavering commitment while confronting security challenges across various theaters of operation.