The Bishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese, Mathew Hassan Kukah, has called on the federal government to uphold the constitutional provision and other laws guaranteeing freedom of religion and worship in Nigeria.

In particular, he emphasized the need for the provision of places of worship for adherents of different faiths within various federal government establishments across the nation.

Speaking to reporters after the inaugural Mass at the Catholic chaplaincy of the 911 Composite Group of the Nigeria Air Force in Sokoto, Bishop Kukah highlighted the significance of these places of worship, which allow personnel to freely practice their religion.

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He expressed concern over the lack of such facilities, especially for Christians in many parts of Northern Nigeria, within federal universities, medical centers, and other establishments.

The absence of designated places of worship, he argued, constitutes a violation of the constitutional provision on freedom of worship.

Bishop Kukah emphasized that freedom of worship is an essential human right enshrined in the country’s constitution and should be respected and protected by the government.