The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has said the government has in the past six years prioritized reforms and programmes to expand the State’s economic base, ensuring the right environment and incentives to attract investments in education, agriculture, health, and other critical sectors of the State.

Obaseki, who spoke to journalists in Benin City, said the bold reforms have transformed Edo State from one where the government used to invest to the State where government enables investment.

The governor however assured that the government will sustain efforts to improve the business and economic environment of the state, by building the needed infrastructure, maintaining law and order, and ensuring stability in the social space to drive growth and achieve economic prosperity.

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According to him, “We are making the investment within the government, shaping our understanding and moving from an era from where the government used to invest to the one where government enables investment. It’s not an easy transition but as a government, we are continuing to make those investments and maintain the focus.”

Obaseki further noted, “My administration thrives on partnership and as a government, we see our role as one that enables things to happen. As enablers, we see our role as being able to mobilize resources, particularly human capacity, and knowledge, and direct them into areas of priority as we see.

The governor added: “Last year, we put out 60,000 hectares of new farmland for estate farmers in oil palm which is under cultivation. For us, the lessons out there are to work with our partners to build the institution to train human capacity, extension workers and farmers to help us understand what is going on, support the farmers and monitor what they are doing to guarantee their yield and help them make money and sustain their business.”