The Founder and Senior Pastor in charge of Bridge of Salvation Ministry, Ifeoma Ubido Awala has said that putting God first pays the most.

She made the remarks during a ministration programme in the church at Ogwashi-Uku, Delta State.

The cleric called on Christians to serve God genuinely, describing as unfortunate, the idea where many Christians worship God without commitment, appealing to such Christians to turn a new leaf.

She said that any Christian that failed to worship God genuinely would lack the blessings of God, noting that God was a ‘rewarder’ of faithful servants.

While calling on Christians to see soul-winning as a serious assignment, she added that it was a commission by Jesus Christ, saying that any one that won a soul was wise.

Pastor Awala said that the ministering day in the church was a day set aside for Christians to pray themselves out of challenges, to enable them move forward.

She said that living a life of holiness promotes integrity and add values to a Christian life through the help of the Holy Spirit.

Christians, according to her, should not be canal, adding that they should shun actions that could rob them of heaven at the end of their sojourn on earth.

She urged Christians to abide in God for God’s words to abide in them, explaining that Christianity was not philosophy but hinged on Christ.

Awala, who took her Bible reading from 2 Chronicles Chapter 15 Verse 7, advised Christians to separate themselves from worldliness, saying that they should not be weak or weary in their services, assuring that their work would not go unrewarded.