Nigerian parents have been urged to resuscitate the art of transferring cultural, historic and artistic norms and practices to their children through storytelling, to uphold and sustain the identity and creative forms passed down from generations.

This advice was given by Dr. Daniel Ekhareafo, head of the department of Mass Communications, University of Benin.

Ekhereafo was speaking at a lecture to mark the second memorial anniversary of late musician, sculptor and academic, Professor Victor Efosa Uwaifo, at the University of Benin, Ekehuan Campus, Monday.

Ekhereafo further said a regeneration and commercialization of cultural festivals would help preserve valuable customs and art forms, as well as engage the youth and reward them and the nation economically.

He said it was surprising that youth in the nation’s suburbs, who are closer to the centres of history, cultures and customs, often leave the artistic conveyance of these values to the city youth. He observed that if the rural youth took the initiative, they would naturally provide more depth and value, as well as generate more interest.

“We must encourage local artistes by ways of inviting them to shows, promoting local talent, through this we can sustain the creative culture in State”, he said.

The morning session kicked off with lectures from notable professors from the Fine and Applied Art Department, who focused their messages on the creativity and the global acclaimed legendary statue of the late singer Victor Uwaifo.

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In attendance at the event were guests, dignitaries, students, heads of departments, and professors including High Priest Osemwegie Ebohon as well as family and friends, witnessed a mind-blowing dance performance from the Theater Arts Cultural Group and a comic relief from MC Aristotle.

On aim of the event, Late Victor Uwaifo’s zeal, commitment and passion for its craft bestowed the success story and legendary statue even after his death. He was a lover of music and art, with the peak creativity at the center of his career.

In addition to Victor Uwaifo’s success stories and relationship with fellow creative minds, is High Priest Osemwegie Ebohon, who described their relationship as “A Father and Son relationship”. He noted that both of them had come a long way and had seen a lot of amazing things together.

He said, “The death of my son (Sir Victor) was announced to me by eldest daughter Ivie, and it came as a shock to me and made me really cry”

He further added, ” I thank the group that put these together; anyway, you think I and my centre can contribute, I will willingly and gladly do it.”

Furthermore, to proclaim and sustain the legacy and enormous contribution of Sir Victor, a non-profit association was founded to advance the frontiers of humanity especially arts. The association aimed at immortalizing the singer’s achievements which cut across strata of human endeavours include music, sculpture and arts in general and academics.

The evening session of the event saw fantastic performance from the “TITIBITY ” music band, who performed several songs of the late Musician including MAMI WATA and the crowd went agog. The student-based artistes were not left out, as they brought the vibe along with them to stage.