…public primary schools resume for 2023/24 session in Bayelsa State

Over 41,000 public primary school pupils across four local government areas in Bayelsa State are set to continue their journey to exceptional learning outcomes as schools resume on 28 August.

The pupils are the first set of beneficiaries of the state government’s basic education reform programme, BayelsaPRIME, which was introduced in 222 public primary schools in February this year.

Since inception, BayelsaPRIME has upskilled over 2,000 teachers and enhanced their capacity to deliver impactful classes and manage their schools using modern education technology.

As part of the reform, a scientifically proven method of teaching and learning has been implemented and fit-for-purpose text books have been adopted to improve numeracy and literacy skills among children.

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Additionally, all teachers and headteachers continue to undergo professional development through weekly in-school mentorship from supervisors and learning and development officers.

“We are full of optimism and anticipate a better managed basic education system as schools resume,” Commissioner for Education, Dr. Gentle Emelah said.

“We are particularly excited to continue on the path of reform which has so far seen our teachers sit up and face their duties more squarely since the BayelsaPRIME reform was introduced,” Dr Emelah added.

Speaking about resumption, Tonbara Akene-Egbegi, a member of the Association of Primary School Headteachers of Nigeria (AOPSHON) noted that “I expect that the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of my school will be very high this term. I am hopeful that my teachers will do better despite the challenges with power supply and high cost of fuel in our community.”

BayelsaPRIME is adopting a combination of measures to improve teaching and learning including an ongoing data-driven coaching and professional development process, solutions that address learning poverty and the deployment of technology enabled systems that improves teaching and learning in schools.