There was confusion today at the Rivers State University campus as female students were seen protesting over attack on hostels by armed robbers.

The protest was as a result of robbery attacks on ‘Hostel D” by gunmen who robbed the students of their valuables, harming and sexually assaulting some of them during the early hours of today.

According to some of the students, they claimed they overheard the armed robbers saying that they will come back to rob other hostels. They said that the robbers were armed with guns, machetes among other dangerous weapons, as they raided the hostel, terrorizing the students and stealing valuables items like laptops, phones, money, just to mention a few.

According to the students, some of them were sexually assaulted at gun point while some were injured. They claimed that was not the first-time sure attacks would occur. The students therefore demanded that the university authorities take immediate actions to investigate the incident and apprehend the culprits, adding that it was a breach of security on the school campus.

The students also called on the university to prioritize their safety and well-being by ensuring that such acts of violence do not occur again.

The students who participated in the protest expressed their outrage and concern over the lack of security measures to protect them in their hostels.

They called on the university administration to address the severe lapses in security that allowed armed individuals to gain access into the premises, especially hostels and carry out such reprehensible acts.

They urged the university authorities to promptly address the security lapses to prevent further occurrence of such distressing incidents in the future.