Coco Gauff, coming off an impressive US Open title, and despite her age, the 19-year-old though still too young to drink or barely old enough to vote in the USA, hasn’t stopped from amassing quite a fortune.

Amazingly, Gauff earned quite an appreciable amount over the weekend, defeating Belarus’ Arena Sabalenka to become the 2023 US Open champion.

The victory saw Gauff take home $3 million, a figure that helped boost her season earnings to $5.5 million and her career earnings to $11.1 million, MARCA reports.

Even without the Grand Slam title, Gauff would still have quite the bank account thanks to her growing list of endorsement deals.

Talking about Gauff’s endorsement deals; During the US Open, Gauff was regularly seen sporting her maroon New Balance outfit with Bose headphones and a Head racket, all sponsors who shared the spotlight with the 19-year-old.

Some of the other brands attached to the youngster include Barilla, UPS and Baker Tilly.

While Gauff’s endorsement earnings haven’t been revealed for 2023, Forbes did report that she earned $8 million in 2022.

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Interestingly, along with several endorsement deals, Gauff has shown she isn’t afraid to speak out on matters of interest to her either.

She revealed that she took motivation from negative comments on social media before facing Sabalenka. She also noted she agreed with protesters who interrupted her semifinal for 50 minutes as they looked to bring attention to climate change.

Gauff also called out gun violence in the United States prior to 2022 French Open; When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Gauff discussed it at Wimbledon.

According to Daily Mail, Gauff often credits her parents, Corey and Candi, with whom she shared tear-filled embraces in the stands after the 2023 US Open final, and her grandparents with helping mold the person she is. That is part of why she is the player she is, and why coach Pere Riba talks about what a good listener and learner Gauff is.

As for one day being No. 1 in singles, Gauff said, ‘I know that’s what people want next. But it’s honestly not a huge aspiration of mine. I just want to win as many Slams as I can win.’

Gauff aims ‘to keep getting better and better,’ because, with regards to her performance against Sabalenka, Gauff declared, “Is nowhere near the best that I can play. It was a match that I won just off my athleticism. But I think there’s a lot of improvements with ball-striking and handling the pace and serving.
“I’m just looking forward to just going on the beach,’ Gauff said with a chuckle, ‘and sleeping in my own bed and not in a hotel room.”