Novak Djokovic shared his views on Carlos Alcaraz skipping representing Spain for Davis Cup this week.

Two-time Grand Slam champion and former World No.1 Carlos Alcaraz announced that he would need to skip the Davis Cup this week as he would need to prioritise rest in preparation for the tournaments that are to come between now and the end of the season.

As a result, the Spaniard has come under some heavy criticism for that call, with a lot of tennis fans highlighting the fact that many supporters would have bought their tickets in advance, with the idea that Alcaraz would definitely be playing the event. Ultimately, Alcaraz is the biggest draw out of the available Spain team at present, Tennis-Infinity reports.

With Djokovic being one of Alcaraz’s biggest rivals, and with both of their nations competing against each other this week, Djokovic was understandably asked in his press conference about his thoughts on that type of decision being made.

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“Players must be protected in these situations. Of course, there will be people disappointed, because he hasn’t come to play in Spain, people who don’t understand that he is tired at the age of 20 and someone at 36 like me is here. It’s important to understand each context, last year he won the title and was here to play, don’t forget that. He came here with hardly any time to rest,” Djokovic said.

Djokovic would later continue in his line of reasoning by replaying what he has done in previous Davis Cup ties, acknowledging that it wasn’t always his main priority and that listening to the demands of his body is sensible.

“Take into account in my 20-year career I didn’t go to play every qualifying round either, and people’s response wasn’t always positive. It is difficult to always be exemplary for everyone, but we are all year-round travelling the world, playing tournaments, taking the body to the limit, at some point it is necessary to rest.”

Serbia are set to play Spain and the Czech Republic in their remaining Davis Cup ties this week. Djokovic is also set to be competing in both of those ties as he makes his return to the court.