Steming from the resounding approval of the Executive Governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, the inspection of Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) in Edo State, is seen as a crucial initiative with the aim to revamp and provide standard facilities that would supply quality healthcare services to Edo people.

While ensuring that Governor Obaseki’s approval and instruction of Primary Healthcare Centres’ onsite inspection exercise produce the desired results, Dr. Omosigho Izedonmwen, the Executive Secretary, Edo State Primary Healthcare Development Agency (EDSPHCDA), alongside his dedicated team, on Friday, 20th October, embarked on a mission to inspect various healthcare facilities and assess their current state of affairs.

Notably, 10 PHCs are already under construction and would soon be unveiled. Next week, the Bill of Quantities (BoQ) for 46 additional PHCs would commence. Construction will promptly follow, igniting a transformation in primary healthcare accessibility.

Dr. Izedonmwen paid a visit to some PHCs such as Udo, Egbaen, and Iguadolor PHCs in Edo State. These visits demonstrated a genuine commitment to engaging with healthcare workers and understanding the unique challenges each facility is confronted with, as well as the physical state of the facility. This evidently would help in planning for another set of renovations.

The tour didn’t stop there; Dr. Izedonmwen extended his visit to the Oredo Primary Health Care Facility, in Benin City, the Edo state capital. His dialogue with the newly elected Oredo Chairman, Dr. Tom Obaseki, and the Medical Officer for Health, Dr. Mary Eishemojie, centered on strategic plans and the path forward. It was decided that staff relocation was a necessary step to kickstart immediate construction at Oredo Primary Health Care Facility.

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Dr. Izedonmwen assured that the people of Edo State can be rest assured that their primary healthcare facilities are on the pathway to transformative change.

According to Dr. Izedonmwen, “In the spirit of a wake and see Governor, the promise of upgraded, accessible, and high-quality healthcare facilities is becoming a reality.”