In line with the state governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki’s vision in e-governance in the state civil/public service, Etsako Central Local Government Area (LGA) chairman, Hon. Solomon Obomighie, has replicated it by unveiling the official seal and website of the LGA known as ‘Etsako Central Local Government: Resource and Peace and’

Unveiling the seal and website, the council chairman said this marked a new era of governance, one that embraces technology, accountability and effective communication with the people, both at home and abroad.

He said the unveiling also symbolized the unity, strength and commitment of the great community in the local government.

According to Hon. Obomighie, “It is a visual representation of our shared values, aspiration and vision we have for the local government. In this digital age, it is imperative for us to harness the power of technology and utilize it to serve our people better”.

The chairman stated that the newly launched website will serve as a platform for improved accessibility, transparency and engagement as it will provide vital information about the local government services, initiatives and ongoing projects to the outside world.

The chairman also stated that the website will also serve as a channel for feedback and will allow the management to listen to the concern of the people, their suggestions and ideas by creating participatory and inclusive governance framework.

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In his words, the vision of the local government is to be known globally for her transformative efforts that will make us a diverse and sustainable local government area of choice for people/investors to work, live and invest through the creation of peaceful neighbourhood, agricultural, cultural and tourism opportunities.

While the mission statement is to deliver productive and focused local government administrative services with emphasis on e-government, quality public service, improved infrastructure and safety of lives and properties.

The Hon. however highlighted some of the benefits of the newly launched website to include showcasing the abundant resources, cultural heritage and investment opportunities that exist in the local government, and serving as a feedback mechanism in building trust and fostering harmonious relationship with the people.

It is expected that it would also attract investors from both local and international markets who recognized the potential for growth and development in the local government by promoting the selling points. The website will also open up new avenues for dialogue, collaboration and problem solving as it will continue to leverage other social media platforms and digital tools to engage with the people.

While expressing his heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated team of professionals who worked tirelessly to make it possible, he said their commitment, creativity and expertise had brought the local government to the world.