You can only start and run your enterprise effectively if you have a talent or special skill that can be of benefit to others. It is that excellent service you offer that will make you outstanding. Uniqueness attracts customers.

What is talent?

Talent is a natural ability to do a particular thing well. As long as you are still on earth, you should do what gives you a sense of purpose, which involves contributing positively to your world. Every one of us was born with a gift that must be utilized. If it is not employed effectively, you will deprive others of its benefits, and particularly, deprive yourself of its gains, since there are monetary gains attached to the utilization of every special skill.

Several people say that they do not have gifts or talents. I do not agree with them. I guess what they should say is, “How do I know my talent?” Well, it is not difficult to find out. Though there are people who, at a younger age, discover that they can sing, dance, or play musical instruments in a unique way, there are others with subtle gifts that are also of great use to humanity.

How do I know my talent?

What do you have passion for that can be helpful to people? What is that thing you love doing and do with ease and get enjoyment? Or what trade would you love to learn in order to meet people’s needs? Do you know that even cooking could be your talent? I have seen people that prepare food with so much ease and expertise, but they never attended a catering school. They know the right ingredients to add to get an excellent dish. Although a lot of practice and dedication got them to that level. Talents must be developed to obtain perfection. Moreover, driving could be one’s special skill too. There are drivers that move vehicles very well, while employing carefulness, precision, and professionalism. Altogether, only you can tell what your gift is, and after that, you can embark on the development of your skill.

Other examples of gifts/special skills you should know

1. Marketing skills
2. Technical writing skills
3. Digital design skills
4. Language acquisition skills
5. Project management skills
6. Business/trading skills
7. Caring for the sick
8. Herbal treatment provision
9. Comedic skills
10. Teaching skills
11. Hairdressing skills
12. Fashion designer skills
13. Storytelling/writing skills
14. Cartoonist skills
15. Drawing skills
16. Painting skills
17. Bricklaying skills
18. Architectural designing skills
19. Electrician skills
20. Welding skills
21. Security manager skills

Insight into a profitable business you can start

In the last edition of The Entrepreneur, I discussed, in detail, how to produce and sell a natural body wash. Today, I will be giving information on how to commence a dispatch rider business.

Starting a dispatch business

A dispatch business (also known as bike delivery business or dispatch rider business) is a part of logistics business. Logistics is the moving of goods from the manufacturers to wholesalers or from wholesalers to the retailers. Besides, on a small scale, it means the conveying of goods from businesses to their customers. In logistics business, trucks, ships, airplanes, cars, and motorcycles are used for deliveries.

At the moment, in Nigeria, several commercial transactions are carried out online, and the consumer goods are taken to buyers in their homes or offices by bike delivery services. This makes the dispatch business a lucrative one presently. In addition, it is a fast means of the movement of goods, considering the bad roads and heavy traffic.

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Things needed to start a dispatch rider business

1. Office/workspace
2. Motorcycle
3. Laptop
4. Dispatch box
5. Dispatch rider
6. Permit from the Ministry of Transportation/Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO)

1. Office/work space: You need an office which you can use for your operations, such as social media marketing, phone calls, point of dispatch, and so forth. However, if you cannot afford an office now, as a starter, you can work from home. You can use your home as your office for now until you are be able to pay for one.

2. Smartphone: A mobile phone is vital to the success of the dispatch business. You can easily use it to get access to the Internet so that you will be able to market your services on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Furthermore, most clients will reach you by calls and you can track your rider and communicate with them through the phone. The benefits of a smartphone in this business can not be overemphasized.

3. Laptop: A laptop is used to access social media, do your accounts, and keep records of your transactions. Nonetheless, if you can not afford it, you can skip it now. Just use your phone for social media marketing and get a notebook for your accounts and transaction records.

4. Dispatch box: This is a boxlike object that is fixed at the rear of the bike. It conceals and conveys the goods to be delivered. You can ask a welder to provide one for you.

5. Dispatch rider: This is the person that rides your bike and does deliveries. Thus, you should be careful when you are engaging one, either male or female; I have seen a female dispatch rider. Your rider should be an experienced and a careful one. Also, they should be smart, reliable, patient, and able to communicate effectively and respectfully. In addition, you can put them on a salary, but if you can not do that now, you can make them work on commission, which means that you will give them a percentage of your profit for every delivery they do.

5. Motorcycle: This equipment is an essential component of this business because it is what conveys the wares for your clients. Besides, before you purchase it, please, enquire about the kind of bike that is allowed to move about in your state, since most states in Nigeria, right now, prohibits the movement of motorcycles, except those used by security personnel and companies. Also, brand new bikes are quite expensive these days, due to the high exchange rate. If you can not buy a new one, you should get a fairly used one, either from shops or individuals.

6. Permit from the Ministry of Transportation/VIO: After you get your bike, visit this particular ministry for your bike inspection and permit.

How to get clients

Now that you have all the things needed for your operations, you should commence marketing. A lot of shops do home delivery. Hence, you should visit them, tell their managers about your services and give them your phone numbers. Secondly, open a Facebook account, join the market groups in your location, and post what you do regularly. Definitely, with faith and consistency of service to your clients, your business will grow fast.

Lastly, once you have everything stated above, you should register your company name with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and then approach the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) for their courier permit.