It is becoming obvious that the power project coming to Ogoni may be near the corner. Already, training of electrical experts for the project has begun.

Thus, the clamour by Ogoni pressure groups for economic benefits and jobs from the Ogoni cleanup other than cleaning jobs may have begun to materialize.

Now, the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP) has kickstarted training scheme for Ogoni-born technicians that would man the Ogoni Power Project. The training involves both male and female youths.

Engineer John Yowika of Petro Extra, the consulting firm engaged by HYPREP to facilitate the training, told the trainees what was expected of them to avoid crisis and blames in the future.

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Engr Yowika told them to own the training so as not to give anyone excuse hiring skill and unskilled workers outside Ogoniland for the Ogoni Power Project.

He said after the classroom segment, the practical field exercises would follow within the seven-day duration for the first batch of 100 trainees at Sakpenwa, headquarters of Tai Local Govt area.

Sources said the underlying reasons for endless bickering and confrontation in Ogoni against the cleanup is the absence of long-term jobs and empowerment schemes beyond cleanup jobs that were regarded as menial and temporary.