…as ex-Inspector General urges use of technology to tackle crime

The Old Seminarians Association of Nigeria (OSAN) has expressed grave concern over the perceived state of hopelessness in Nigeria during its 2023 Convention held in Abuja.

At the convention, former Inspector-General of Police, Mike Okiro, emphasized the necessity for the government to combat crime using advanced technology, acknowledging that criminals have outpaced current security measures.

Dr. Ozichukwu Fidelis Chukwu while delivering the keynote address, painted a grim picture of Nigeria’s condition, labeling it as one of hopelessness and citizen helplessness. He highlighted that this distressing situation didn’t arise suddenly but rather had warning signs that went unheeded by authorities for years.

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“The theme ‘Building our Fraternity for Prosperity’ should extend beyond our association to address the broader societal hopelessness and helplessness. We must imbue society with greater values and serve as exemplary figures in all spheres of influence,” Dr. Chukwu emphasized.

Former Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro echoed concerns about the nation’s deteriorating security situation. “The worsening security situation in the country reflects the overall sense of hopelessness. However, if the government strategically employs technology in combating crime, the situation can swiftly improve,” he stressed.

Okiro further outlined the necessity for better-equipped security agencies: “Addressing insecurity requires more than just manpower. In this digital age, security challenges must be met with technological advancements. Criminals are leveraging the internet and staying ahead, necessitating security agencies to stay proactive.”

President of OSAN and Clerk of the Senate, Chinedu Akubueze, lamented Nigeria’s affliction with self-imposed issues due to a lack of collective patriotism. He emphasized the need for national unity, advocating for love for the nation over divisive ethnic and religious sentiments.