The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) have declared a nationwide strike starting from Tuesday, November 14.

The decision was taken at an extraordinary National Executive Council meeting of the unions on Tuesday in Abuja.

Following this, a nationwide mobilisation of members and allies of labour has begun, the unions said.

Senior labour officials said the move was provoked by the assault and brutalisation of NLC National President, Joe Ajaero, last week in Imo State.

There have been unverified claims by labour chieftains that Imo Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Barde was complicit in the said attack on Ajaero.

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Hope Uzodinma, the governor of Imo State was also accused of having orchestrated the attack on Ajaero. Uzodinma has since refuted the claim.

Uzodinma is seeking re-election in the off-season polls which come up in Imo State on Saturday.

The labour unions have asked the Federal Government to redeploy Imo Police Commissioner, Barde, as a condition for difusing tensions.

Inspector-General of Police, Kadode Egbetokun has since redeployed Barde but says the decision was taken in the interest of neutrality. This implies that police authorities have so far not found Barde complicit in the matter, or have not concluded their investigation into the matter.