In acknowledgment of the crucial role played by mental health in the efficiency of female police officers’ service delivery, Elizabeth Egbetokun, the National President of the Police Officers’ Wives Association (POWA), was honored by the Initiative for Mental Health and Peace Sustenance. The award ceremony held in Abuja on Thursday commended Egbetokun’s forward-thinking leadership, particularly in raising awareness about mental health issues within the police force.

Egbetokun emphasized the pivotal role of mental well-being in ensuring optimal service delivery among female officers. She highlighted POWA’s ongoing efforts in sensitizing female officers, especially widows and those facing adversity, regarding the critical importance of prioritizing their mental health.

“Our aim is to assist and empower women facing challenges. We provide access to expert guidance and support,” she affirmed.

Egbetokun shed light on the often-neglected situation of widows left behind by deceased officers, underscoring the social neglect they encounter. POWA, she stated, endeavours to address this by extending outreach to these women, offering encouragement, and providing assistance to both the widows and their children, many of whom encounter obstacles in accessing education.

Grateful for the recognition, Egbetokun attributed the award to POWA’s impactful initiatives, remarking, “This acknowledgment means a lot to me. It reflects the dedication and efforts of POWA to make a positive difference.”

POWA, a non-profit and Non-Governmental Organisation, is dedicated to enhancing the lives of its members and police families across Nigeria.

During the event, Amb. Dr. Samantha Simeon, President/Founder of the Initiative for Mental Health and Peace Sustenance, emphasized the inherent right to safety for all individuals. She highlighted the correlation between mental health deterioration and the country’s enduring security challenges, citing poverty as a significant contributing factor.

Amb. Simeon also stressed the important role played by police officers’ wives in not only supporting their families but also contributing significantly to society. She urged the Nigerian Government to ensure equal economic rights and access to essential services, especially for vulnerable women, underscoring the government’s role in fostering justice and domestic harmony.

Amb. Simeon reiterated the commitment of the Initiative in promoting mental wellness, combatting the stigma surrounding mental health, and advocating for accessible, high-quality mental health care for everyone.

The Initiative for Mental Health and Peace Sustenance continues to fulfill its mission as a non-profit mental health organization committed to strengthening mental wellness and providing support to those grappling with mental health challenges.