Edo State Commissioner for Social Development and Gender Issues, Hon. Christabel Omoh Ekwu, has stressed the need to change cultures with unwholesome practices that are harmful to the society.

Hon. Ekwu made this assertion in a speech on the occasion of the commemoration of the 2023 World Human Rights Day held at the Chancery Hall, Egbele Uromi in Edo State.

The commissioner who explained that cultures and traditions are made for man and not man for cultures, enlightened the people on the need to shun any harmful practices in their locality in order to have a healthy one.

Hon. Ekwu further reiterated the state government’s commitment towards the elimination of violence against women and girls, widows’ maltreatment and inequality between male and female based on already established culture practiced in Nigeria and Africa in general.

“To deny people their human right is to challenge their very humanity, the equal and inalienable right of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world”. Hon. Ekwu noted.

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The commissioner also disclosed that the implementation of human rights is a collective responsibility that must begin with the family, which is the first agent of child socialization, encouraging parents to inculcate the right values in their children/wards.

Earlier, very Rev Fr Fidelis Arhedo, the Executive Director, Justice Development Peace and Caritas Initiatives (Uromi JDPCI) during his opening remark commended the effort of the Obaseki-led administration for its continuous effort in combating crimes that are related to gender inequalities in Edo State.

According to Dr Arhedo, efforts to promote gender equality have recorded notable progress, with more women participating in political, economic and social spheres.

“Legal reforms and cultural shifts are challenging traditional gender norms, contributing to a more inclusive and equitable society,” he added.

The theme for this year’s International Human Right’s Day is “Consolidating and Sustaining Human Right Culture into the future”.