The Edo State Football Association (FA) newly elected members on Tuesday paid a courtesy visit to the Executive Chairman and Permanent Secretary of the Edo State Sports Commission.

During the visit, the FA chairman, Mr. Fred Newton Erhunmwunse, took the opportunity to introduce his fellow members to the Executive Chairman and Permanent Secretary. The introduction was a great way to showcase the unity and teamwork within the FA.

The newly elected Edo State FA members are Kindness Ohiwere, Captain Steven Amadi, Paul Ojiesoba and Kennedy Ugbodaga.

The Acting Permanent Secretary, Edo State Sports Commission, Dr. Emmanuel Igbinosa, extended a warm welcome to the newly elected members of the Edo State FA. While excited to witness the beginning of a new chapter for the FA, Dr. Emmanuel urged the newly elected members to succeed in their various roles and responsibilities.
The Chairman, Edo State Sports Commission, Olympian Yusuf Alli stated that the office space of the FA Chairman within the sports complex needs renovation.

“It’s important to have a comfortable and functional workspace for the chairman to carry out his duties effectively.

“Renovating the office will not only enhance the working environment but also reflect the importance and value placed on the Edo State Football Association,” Yusuf noted.

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The Executive Chairman said that not to involve himself in the election process, was to ensure that the election was free and fair.

It is indeed commendable that Yusuf Alli prioritized fairness and allowed the process to unfold independently. Suffice to mention that the Edo Soorts Commission boss is happy with the election outcome.

“It’s important to have transparent and unbiased elections, and it seems like that was achieved in this case,” Yusuf remarked.

Yusuf expressed his desire for the newly elected FA members to give a new face to the Edo State Football Association, as well as anticipates to see new potential for positive change and growth within the FA.

“With fresh perspectives and ideas, the FA can continue to thrive and make a positive impact in Edo State. I am looking forward to seeing the new face of the FA and the exciting things that lie ahead,” Yusuf added.