Poverty Eradication Project (PEP) has called on government and legitimately successful Nigerians to rise up to the occasion to reduce the growing rate of economic hardship in the country.

The non-governmental body draws the attention of state actors and the elite group in society to the dangerously poor condition of millions of Nigerians who do not know where the next meal will come from.

Speaking in Benin City, the founder and president of PEP, Dr Osasere Greg Igbinomwanhia, said the level of poverty currently in the country is fatally dangerous, saying something needs to be done about it now to save the the nation and her teeming population.

Dr Igbinomwanhia who is an expert in Development, Poverty, and Migration studies, stressed that Nigerians will continue to flee abroad in droves as far as poverty rates escalate in the country, insisting that this is not good for the country now and in the future.

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He however noted that only a small percentage of the population could pull resources together while a huge fraction are trapped here and condemned to slow death through starvation.

The PEP boss warned that situations like this in history have not meant well for nations, adding that the immediate and far consequences may spell misfortune for the country.

He is of the opinion that the earlier necessary action is taken to save lives from despair, despondence and misery, which many now find themselves in Nigeria, the better for all.

The PEP president also used the opportunity to call on rich Western nations and international agencies to honestly and genuinely come to aid of third-world countries like Nigeria to tackle the problem of poverty, which has helped keep many in a life of struggle and send many others to their nearly grave.