The week-long Annual Delegates Conference of Christ Chosen Church of God lnternational took off on January 17, on a glorious note in Benin City, the Edo State capital.

This year’s Annual Conference of the Church, with the theme: “The Glory of the Latter Church” ended with a strong admonition to believers in Christ Jesus to be conscious of the imperative and benefits of carrying and showcasing God’s Glory, especially in these end times.

The conference held at the Central Cathedral Complex, KM8, Benin-Agbor Expressway, Ohovbe Quarters, Benin City, gathered a large crowd of worshippers from across the globe. The conference kicked off with an electrifying praise and worship session, establishing a spiritual atmosphere that paved the way for the day’s activities.

The welcome address and annual report written by “The Elect of God” and Spiritual leader of Christ Chosen Church of God Int’l, Snr Apostle (Dr) D.E.O. Unuefe Ikhuiwu, was delivered by Apst Joseph.

The Upper Lawani Divisional Mass Choir took the stage with a ministration titled “What a Mighty God We Serve,” captivating the audience with melodious and uplifting lyrics that gave them a pass by the Spiritual leader, Snr. Apostle Dr Unuefe Ikhuiwu.

The esteemed spiritual leader, thereafter, delivered a message from Exodus 23:25-28, which centred on the theme of the conference, with particular reference to serving God, emphasizing the importance of genuine devotion, urging the congregation to serve with sincerity of heart.

Dr. Unuefe Ikhuiwu denounced superficial worship and warned against attending church merely for gossip or pretence, and emphasized on the rewards of genuine, unalloyed and authentic service to God.

The elect of God encouraged believers to embrace a life of true worship and dedication to God.

On his part, Apst Jones Ikibeh, who dwelt on the topic: “Living for Christ as a Public Relations Officer” dissected the topic under three compelling subheadings and expantiated on the significance of honouring and glorifying God in every aspect of life.

Apst Ikibeh challenged the congregation to redefine the concept of true living, emphasizing the need to discard their old ways and embrace a life lived in Christ.

The preacher posed thought-provoking questions, urging believers to be builders of positive change rather than destroyers. He, however, concluded the sermon with a prayer, reinforcing the importance of love, unity, peace, and fellowship with Jesus.

Admirably, the Spiritual leader, Snr. Apst (Dr) D.E.O Unuefe Ikhuiwu returned to the podium, reading from 2Corinthians 5, further exploring the role of believers as ambassadors of Christ.

He emphasized the ministry of reconciliation, urging the congregation to serve others well and receive blessings in return.

Another lecture, delivered by Apst Felix Ehigie, centred on “Holy Spirit: The Glory of the Latter Church” drew inspiration from 2 Corinthians 3:16-18 and Haggai 2:10, in which he rendered a powerful sermon on the Person of the Holy Spirit and the profound meaning of glory.

Apst Ehigie called for a sincere revival of the ministry of the Holy Spirit, emphasizing His crucial role in the growth of the Church Universal.

Dr. Unuefe Ikhuiwu concisely reinforced the significance of the second lecture, paving the way for a series of heartfelt prayers. The congregation joined in prayers for the security of the country and prayed for divine guidance and direction for the upcoming governorship election in Edo State, signalling the conference’s commitment to spiritual intercession and societal well-being.

The congregation also extended their prayers to the Christians who tragically lost their lives in significant numbers in the Northern part of Nigeria, seeking divine solace and intervention for victims and survivors of the devastating events.

As a highpoint, while the congregation took part in giving of offerings, the choir took the stage, singing a closing hymn.

The conference ended with a closing prayer and benediction said by the elect of God and Spiritual leader of the Church.

On the second day of the annual conference, Snr Apostle Dr Pius Igberase, Director of Administration and Vice Chairman of the Church Council, delivered a thought-provoking lecture on the impediments to “latter glory,” drawing inspiration from the Biblical verses in Ezekiel 14:6-9.

The lecture, which is a major highlight of this year’s action-packed annual Delegates Conference of the Church delved deep into the essence of glory and the transformative power it wields in the lives of believers.

With a commanding presence and profound grasp of scriptures, Snr. Apostle Igberase began by unraveling the concept of Glory, describing it as the manifestation of God’s power and the revelation of His presence, unleashing a sense of liberty, joy, salvation, healing, and blessings upon those who embrace it.

The seasoned spiritual leader emphasized that anything proclaiming the name of God embodies His glory, as his message revolved around five critical factors hindering believers from experiencing the fullness of God’s glory.

First on the list was disobedience, characterized by the failure or refusal to obey rules or authority. Drawing insights from the Biblical accounts in 1 Kings 13:11-34 and Isaiah 59, he vividly painted the consequences of disobedience, asserting that neglecting God’s instructions can act as a barrier to basking in His glory.

Secondly, he dissected the issue of habitual sinful living and unrepentance, citing 2 Corinthians 5:15-21 as a guiding text.

With conviction, he urged the congregation to reflect on their actions, stressing the need for repentance as a gateway to unlocking divine favour.

The third hindrance touched on the desire for worldly pleasures and corrupt pursuits. By drawing lessons from the tale of Lot’s wife in the Bible, Snr. Apostle Igberase advocated for believers to prioritize spiritual pursuits over materialistic things, cautioning against pursuits that empower the flesh.

Urging against spiritual laziness, the fourth point resonated with a call to action, as he encouraged believers to shed spiritual laziness, emphasizing the importance of dedicating time to prayer and fasting as a means to invigorate one’s spiritual journey.

The final impediment, according to Snr. Apostle Igberase, is the influence of unscriptural company. Citing 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, he underscored the significance of being mindful of our companionship, cautioning believers to choose friends who align with their spiritual journey.

Snr. Apostle Dr. Pius Igberase left the congregation stirred and contemplative, equipping them with insights on overcoming hindrances and embracing the path to experiencing the radiant glory of God in their lives.