Popular singer Shallipopi has announced plans to add a new name to his existing handle “Pluto Presido”.

The Edo State-born rapper made this revelation in a post on his X (formerly Twitter) page, where he expressed his desire to be called “The Wise Tortoise”.

The singer, whose real name is Crown Uzama, said those who truly delve into his lyrics would discover him to be the greatest philosopher of our time. He said that each sentence he drops contains a lot of hidden messages that only a few can understand and decode.

“From now on call me not only the president of Pluto, but the wise Tortoise. If you pay close attention to everything I have said you would easily know I’m the greatest philosopher of our time, dropping a sentence that has a thousand meaning that only a few can decode,” he wrote.

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“Shallipopi dey write, Shakespeare dey shake,” he further wrote in the post on X.

In his chart-topping debut album ‘Presido La Pluto’ , Shallipopi claims himself a philosopher in his hit single ‘Oscroh (Pepperdine)’. This captivating song invites listeners to more depths of his philosophical musings.

The Afropop singer/rapper gained fame in 2023 after the release of his irresistible hit-topping singles ‘Oba Pluto’, ‘Elon Musk’, and ‘Ex Convict ‘.

His songs show how he effortlessly merges his Bini heritage with the mesmerizing beats of Log drums, creating a musical experience that quickly captures the heart of the listeners.