Christ’s Chosen Church of God International annual delegate conference that started January 17 ended January 22, 2024, with emphasis on the need for a revival. The annual conference, which was themed “The glory of the latter church,” was held in the new state-of- the-art auditorium at the Central Cathedral Complex, KM8, Benin-Agbor Expressway, Ohovbe Quarters, Benin City. The conference, held daily at 9am, drew a diverse congregation, including members from across the country and around the globe.

The theme was unveiled by the spiritual leader of the church, Sr. Apst. Dr. David E.O Unuefe-Ikhuiwu, who declared it a divine revelation of God’s imminent work in the church, emphasizing the need for a revival in the church universal. Comparing the present church with the early days of Christianity, he highlighted the challenges the church faces today, such as spiritual backsliding apathy, betrayal, unforgiveness, high preference for worldly amusements, materialism, and expressed the anticipation of greater divine deeds in the future.

The annual conference, which saw the massive gathering of all the members of Christ’s Chosen Church of God, commerced with the recitation of the memory verse, 1 Corinthians 11:59 and with an opening prayer. The Benin Mass Choir delivered a performance that left the audience filled with joy. Their performance earned them recognition and awards from the spiritual leader of the church. They also rendered a special number of the song they had composed titled “Greater Glory.” The congregation was captivated by the musical performance, a show of the creativity within the church.

The General Overseer, in a moment of divine connection, addressed the congregation, calling them the “light of the world.” He passionately urged the congregation to manifest that light to the world, emphasizing the importance of working the glory of God in their lives. The spiritual leader took the congregation through a reflective journey, posed a question on how to sustain the glory of God in their lives. He referred to every believer as a “miracle walker,” adding a narrative of the early 50s when the power of God descended upon the church during a period of fasting and prayer.

Referencing Acts 2:41, the spiritual leader emphasized the importance of being a true believer and remaining loyal to the doctrines of the church.

The event continued with important moments, including prayer points, the taking of offering and tithes, and expressions of gratitude. Series of thanksgiving ceremonies, acknowledging the newly appointed apostles, ministers, members from overseas, newly appointed deaconesses, ministers’ wives, and the church trustees.

It was indeed an event of captivating activities, gratitude, leaving an unforgettable moment on the hearts of the congregation at Christ Chosen Church of God International.