It was an entertainment-filled night at the sprawling Victor Uwaifo Creative Hub in Benin City, the Edo State capital, on Saturday, 20 January 2024, as residents from across the state gathered to experience a night of musical extravaganza tagged Edo Music Festival and Awards 2024.

The event, presented by the creatives of FP Entertainment, Lahor Music Worldwide, Nosa Productions, and DaddyRich Productions, started with a glamorous red carpet at 7:00pm, with attendees enjoying interviews and photo sessions capturing the excitement of the evening in order to cherish the memories of what was the second edition of the music festival.

The Edo Music Festival and Awards 2024 was hosted by popular Edo comedian MC Casino and co-hosted by MC Edo Pikin and featured a line-up of notable Edo artistes such as Esther E. Ebagua (Lady of Songs), Akobe the Oracle, Dr. Agbakpan Olita, Adviser Nowamabe, Jjang Lahor, BP Omega, and many others.

Speaking with The Nigerian Observer in an interview, MC Casino gave an insight into the relevance of the event.

“We are here to celebrate our indigenous Edo creative talents. It’s a welcome development. All the persons here to perform are the people who gave us good childhood memory when we were growing up, with the likes of Akugbe, Adagolita, Uwamagbe, Esther Adokpayi. These persons actually gave many homes happiness and I was part of those who enjoyed the entertainment, so I feel so honoured and grateful to be here this evening,” MC Casino said.

“We don’t really have a platform for Edo people to enjoy themselves but I’m enjoying the ambiance already, and we are trying to create more visibility, to appreciate Edo talent and to motivate people. It is adding value to the indigenous entertainment industry,” he said.

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The CEO of FP Entertainment, organizers of the event, Ambassador Destiny Ibagua, expressed his excitement at the line-up of performers and nominees for the various award categories.

“There are different categories of awards, like Distinguished Awards, Excellent Awards, Well Performed Musicians, etc for those that have carried the Edo music to its limelight and many others,” Ibagua told The Nigerian Observer.

The various awards presented at the event recognized the outstanding achievements of Edo’s finest musicians, songwriters and performers.

The stage came alive with breathtaking performances and left the audience in awe, showcasing the incredible talent and diversity of Edo music. From traditional rhythms to modern beats, every genre was celebrated and the crowd couldn’t help but dance and sing along to the infectious melodies.

The Edo Music Festival and Awards 2024 was a true testament to the power of music as it served as a reminder of the rich heritage that Edo music carries, keeping the tradition alive in a bid to educate, enlighten and inspire, bringing people together, creating long-lasting memories in the hearts of all attendees, and ensuring the legacy of Edo music.