In a chaotic scene at Lagos Airport, tensions boiled over as frustrated passengers took drastic measures, resulting in the disconnection and vandalism of computers and violence against airline attendants. According to available reports, some attendants were severely beaten by the enraged passengers.

Angry and frustrated passengers of Dana Airline, on Monday, vandalized the check-in counter facility belonging to the airline due to repeated flight delays and cancellations.

After enduring extended waiting periods at Lagos’ Murtala Muhammed Airport wing 2 (MMA2), frustrated passengers took action, disrupting the operations of the airline.

It was gathered that the incident happened at about 6 pm. on Monday, shortly after the airline announced the cancellation of two flights scheduled for Port Harcourt and Owerri from Lagos by 12 p.m.

“Some of the passengers have been waiting since yesterday after their flight was canceled. They were promised that their flight would take off today but after over three hours of delay again, the flight was canceled,” an official at the airport who sought anonymity since he was not authorized to speak on the issue, said.

Other sources at the airport who spoke, said some passengers had been stranded at the airport for over 24 hours after their flights were delayed and eventually canceled without prior notice.

This prompted the violent move by the passengers who were seen disconnecting the computers used for flight check-in by the airline.

“The computers were disconnected and vandalized, while some of the attendants were severely beaten by the passengers,”

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As of Sunday, airport attendants said the passengers were promised by the airline that their flight scheduled for 11 February would now depart on 12 February by 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. due to technical issues from the operating aircraft.

“Unfortunately, as at 18:00hrs, Dana Airline announced flight cancellation on both routes with no proper address nor option for refund. Angry passengers started their agitations and vandalized the airport properties belonging to Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited,” an airport official said.

In an earlier statement issued on Monday by the airline and posted on its official X page (formally Twitter), the management apologized to passengers for the delay of flight schedules. Dana Airline, apologized for the disruptions, emphasizing safety as a priority.

“We sincerely wish to apologize for the expected delay on your flight today 12/ 02/ 24 due non-scheduled maintenance,” the airline said.

“We understand the negative impact this disruption might have on your planned activities for the day and we are deeply sorry.”

It added that the safety of its customers and staff will remain a top priority and that it is committed to flying passengers safely and comfortably to their choice destinations.

The situation was eventually resolved with passengers boarding around 9 p.m. following intervention by aviation security agencies