As political parties prepare for their primaries for the Edo State governorship election, a chieftain of Labour Party (LP) in the state, Dr. Mashido Eghaghe, has urged the party leadership to address the current delegate allocation system, which, according to him, assigned five delegates to each local government area.

He argued that the current delegate arrangement “disproportionately favours one section and disenfranchises others”, adding that the arrangement contradicts the party’s motto of “Equal Opportunity and Social Justice”.

Eghaghe, a former chairmanship candidate of the party in Ikpoba-Okha, in a statement made available to newsmen on Saturday, said local governments with high populations “typically have more delegates to ensure representation proportional to their population”.

He said allocating delegates according to local government population would give room for a more accurate reflection of the diverse views and interests within the larger community.

He noted that Labour Party, as an emerging political party, has positioned itself to rescue Nigeria from outdated practices and unfair systems, saying the party now has an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to true democracy and equal opportunity.

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“As we move forward in our endeavours, we have a rare and significant opportunity to break away from the shortcomings of the past,” Eghaghe said.

“Our party has never held power before, and therefore we have no history of marginalizing any particular zone in Edo. This presents us with a clean slate, allowing us to establish a new standard of governance that prioritizes equal opportunity and social justice.

“We must seize this moment and show Nigerians that we truly represent the people’s aspirations. Proportional delegate allocation based on population will ensure a more accurate reflection of diverse views and interests within the larger community. By doing so, we can break away from the status quo and prioritize the people’s interests above all else.

“This is our chance to prove our social democratic principles and achieve social justice. Let us not systematically zone out any zone in Edo. Instead, let us embrace inclusivity and fairness, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of all Edo people,” he said.