State governors from Kwara, Taraba, Ondo, and Kogi have joined forces with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (FMAFS) to tackle food inflation. Led by the Honorable Minister, Sen. Abubakar Kyari, the governors engaged in discussions aimed at enhancing crop production to address the pressing challenges facing Nigeria’s food security.

During the recent gathering in Abuja, Sen. Kyari emphasized the importance of collaboration between federal and state authorities to bolster the agricultural sector. He noted the need for increased agricultural output to combat food inflation, foster employment, alleviate poverty, and stimulate economic growth.

Sen. Kyari also outlined plans for the upcoming second phase of the Dry Season Food Production Programme, focusing on crops such as rice, maize, and cassava. He called on governors to ensure the readiness of their states for optimal participation in the programme, emphasizing the importance of land preparation and stakeholder involvement.

He revealed that “We are aware that in your respective states, agriculture has witnessed noticeable development over the years. The bigger picture we seek to create now is to vastly increase agricultural production all year round with the cardinal objective of driving down food inflation, creating employment, reducing poverty, engendering economic growth and development, as well as promoting inclusivity.

“Ahead of the second phase of the Dry Season Food Production Programme under the national Agricultural Growth Scheme and Agro-Pocket (NASG-AP), I sent out Expression of Interests to Governors of the 36 States and FCT to which responses have been encouraging,” he added.

Reiterating Sen. Kyari’s sentiments, the executive governor of Kwara State and chairman of Nigeria Governors’ Forum emphasized the need to ramp up production to meet domestic demand and capitalize on export opportunities within the West African region.

In addition to the governors’ commitment, the Honorable Minister of State FMAFS, Dr. Abdullahi Sabi Aliyu, CON, emphasized the importance of collaboration and synergy between federal and state governments to achieve food security objectives. He highlighted the necessity of blocking leakages and addressing issues such as portfolio farming to benefit all citizens.

The efforts between state governors and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security signal a proactive approach to mitigating food crises and enhancing agricultural sustainability in Nigeria.