My pipo tank God say all of us de kampe afta de tension wey all of us waka enta like who de go buy shawarma for supermarket. I tank God again say all of us de gidigba to ansa present sir as dem call register for pipo wey see last week and come join odas to celebrate dis week. De mata no easy sha, but again we thank baba God say we all de gallant enough to jump pass six feet.

Many of una fit no unda stand wetin make me de raise hand for baba God but if you by ya self arrange ya self, siddon to watch awa futbal match, den you go fit reason tons with me wella to unda stand why l de yan like dis.

To siddon begin yab de coach of any futbal team easy pass to put control on eba wey wan start him journey with koret ogbono soup thru awa throat to inside awa belle, in it? Na dia you go de hia beta yabis for coach him head like weda na Ogun de kpai am wen him no fit win ordinary futbal match? Even some of us kpakpa go even get mind begin wander why de coach no bench mumu for dundee united plus why him no change him futbal formation?

Neva reason out of point with me bcos you self na one of dose wey l de yan about. Tell me, na who neve call any of awa professional coach dundee? And wen you come kuku ma wan check awa credential you go come see say awa coach wey we de pour yabis for him head go futbal coaching skool why we wey de yab am, common wayek for skool we no grab.

Dat no meaning to say we nor get right to yab awa coach, but if you no Wetin tension fit build for person mind you go unda stand awa own wahala and kukuma waka pass us make kasala for no burst like bloblo. Na dis kain mind wey we get no let pipo no say na gada build make house de fine, naim make doktor get pride, naim make danfo drive de behave like who win naija presidentail elektion. True-true de mata no easy odawise everi bodi for de jollificate like person wey win jackpot for kalokalo.

I no say many of una go don de shift yansh for chair plus to come begin luk ayanyan on to say, wetin TATAFO de yan. My pipo, if you watch naija match for dis Sunday wey pass you no go need any native doktor or prophet to yan you on wetin sup, in it?

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All dis tins wey l de yan so na to let us no say as pipo de turn coachie for futbal mata, na so dem still de turn Director plus Producer for film. Some self go shine dia okpolor eyes yan you say na actor get film and na wetin dem like dem de yan for film bcos of de way de film take nack dia mind. Wetin dem nor no be say, to make any film be like person wey don siddon do him map on how him wan take build him house. Rememba say to build house mean say na plenti hand go de to make am work. Na person go buy de land, anoda go draw de house plan, dem pipo like architect, bricklayers, engineers, plumbers, elektricians, painters, interior decorators and plenti odas hands go de for inside de mata. Na so de mata be for film.

Wen all of us go wash any film, e no de hard is to say dat actor no jus try at all, de Director yab, de producer too stingy plus many many oda tins. Film wey all of us de watch be like wen person wan to build house. I no say una go begin ask say how house wey person wan build take resemble film or how futbal take chigum pipo we de gada video film pipo. Dem resemble wella bcos inside de evian so, Abi evian de inside.

Pipo wey de make gada video film pipo wey we all go jus siddon cros awa leg condem like say na easy tin wey mumu pipo jus meskaform put, no be easy tin and no be only one person do am. Una no at all at all say, to make video film, na person go siddon arrange de story, anoda person go grab de story cum employ Director wey go select de actors plus oda pipo wey go gada do de film? Una even no say dis same producer naim de still go hustle de kuza wey dem go take pay de actors plus de pipo wey de gada do de video of de film? In side all dis mata so, naim who wan handle light, sound, costume, makeup, production manager, continuity, location manager, production designer, director of photography, set designer, welfare, logistics, production assistant, a.k.a P.A, accountant, transport, drone pilot, plus plenti oda name l neva rememba to mention de?

All dis plenti name wey l mention so, without dem nobodi fit Cook any film. Inside all dis so, na de P.As de hear am pass. For inside film, na dem actors take de shine like say dem no join, whereas without dem job like wey be like “any work” so, dat production no go fit get head. As pipo de gada do dem different work to take build house or hotel na so film own still be. Everi bodi na professional Oga for him side on wetin concern dia job. So actors and pipo wey de gada do de film plus pipo wey de go cinema to watch am, all of us de inside de same canoe de paddle am go one destination.

Dem say soup wey sweet na money kpai am, na true but if person no sabi cook and cum cook de food wella, everi bodi face go sqiz like who dem give quenie merecine to chew. Even doktor for hospital wey wan do operation must to need nurse, orderly, elektrician, cleaner, gate man, and plenti odas to make him operation work easy. Which is to say, dat for job wey pipo de gada do, everi bodi need to arrange dem mind to be on de same page to fit make de work easy for everi bodi. Na wen who chop food talk say de food sweet, de pipo wey gada cook am belle de sweet.

Why l de yan like dis na to let us no say na wen copration de naim rice wey de inside pot for fire de rise. No be to de shout raise am raise am fit make am rise. I wan to belif say with dis few points of my, say l fit convince and not confuse you say, na with special arrangement devil fit take see God. Any job wey dem call you cum do, holam strong and do am like say na ya last job. Na with dat Kain spirit naim we fit take succeed for life. Make una hold una side strong till we meet again next week.