Telecom operators say they have raised quality of service on voice and data offerings in Nigeria back up to 90 percent as at Monday.

This follows fibre-optic cable ruptures on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, Thursday, which caused voice, messaging, as well as data and internet banking transactions to wobble and stall into the weekend.

The service upgrade is coming on the back of ad hoc support to disrupted fibre-optic cable networks from those not affected by the ruptures.

The cable ruptures which occurred along the coasts of Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal have been explained to seismic movements on the ocean bed.

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In a statement released on Monday by the Nigerian Communications Commission’s public affairs director, Reuben Muoka, it was stated that operators impacted by the cuts confirmed that they have managed to recover around 90% of their peak utilisation capacities by leveraging recovery capacity from submarine cables unaffected by the incident.

This proactive approach has enabled mobile network operators to assure the Commission and consumers that data and voice services would operate optimally until full repairs of the undersea cables are completed.

The successful restoration was made possible by activating alternative connectivities, allowing the situation to return to normal despite the challenges posed by the undersea fibre cuts.

The NCC extended its appreciation to telecom consumers for their patience and understanding during the downtime caused by the undersea fiber cuts.