In a recent episode of “Doing Business in Edo”, a television programme on Edo Broadcasting Service (EBS) which is in collaboration with the Edo State Investment Promotion Office (ESIPO), the Director-General of the Edo State Health Insurance Commission, Dr. Rock Amegor represented by the Acting Director of Public Relations, Omonigho Trinitas delved into the significant impact of the Edo Health Insurance Scheme (Edohis ) on business productivity within the state.

During the discussion, Omonigho emphasized the extensive reach of the scheme, stating, “We have over 380 health facilities, both public and private, spread across the 18 local government areas in the state.”

This widespread coverage ensures accessibility to healthcare services for residents across various regions of Edo State.

Highlighting the focus on health education and promotion, she noted, “We are very big on preventive health, preventive medicine.” This approach not only addresses health issues at their root but also contributes to maintaining a healthier workforce, consequently enhancing productivity in businesses throughout the state.

“Since its inception, EdoHIS has witnessed remarkable growth, with over 200 thousand enrollees currently benefiting from its services. Moreover, an innovative model allows individuals, including those in the diaspora, to enroll their loved ones and friends, further extending the reach and impact of the initiative,” she noted.

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Looking towards the future, the director expressed optimism, stating, “We see the scheme in 5 years from now, 50% of the state’s population would be covered.”

This ambitious goal demonstrates the commitment of the Edo Health Insurance Commission to ensure comprehensive healthcare coverage for a significant portion of the state’s residents, ultimately fostering a healthier and more productive society.

She called on employers of labour to enroll their employees, adding that doing so will boost the morale of the employees thereby giving their best in ensuring improved service delivery.

As discussions surrounding the Edo Health Insurance Scheme continue to unfold, stakeholders anticipate further advancements and improvements in healthcare accessibility and business productivity within Edo State.

The “Doing Business in Edo” television programme was anchored by Joy Musa Aghedo and Obofoni Alufohai on Tuesday 12 of March 2024.