Yenagoa – Peter Kpolovie, the Scientist of the Year 2021, and a former UNIPORT’s Director, Academic Planning, Research and Control Unit, has won a Global Science Award. He was given The Name in Science Award by the Oxford Awards Agency, Academic Union Oxford, Europe Business Assembly, The Rectors’ Club (The Club of the Rectors of Europe – CRE), the multicultural community of professionals, researchers, practitioners, and inventors, as well as the Socrates Committee.

The Name in Science is given to scientists, inventors, business innovators and researchers, who have made worthy contributions to the intellectual development of the modern world, intercultural communication and partnership, promoting the establishment of social progress and humanization of society.

The award was established by a joint decision of the Club of Rectors 2010 (Protocol No. 2010.11.10) in Oxford, the United Kingdom. The Europe Business Assembly had got the The Name in Science Award registered by The Great Britain and Northern Ireland Patent Office, Reg. #UK00002563774 for marketing purposes to Peter James Kpolovie – Director, Graduate Research, University of Port Harcourt.

The Award Certificate clearly states that Peter James Kpolovie, a Nigerian, is the holder of the honorary title, The Name in Science.

According to the certificate, “By decision of the Socrates Committee in accordance with Provision, paragraphs 1, 2, the name of Peter James Kpolovie has been recorded in the EBA (Europe Business Assembly) register of outstanding scientists of the 21st Century, bestowing upon him an award ‘For contribution to world science’.”

The certificate was personally signed on February 8, 2024, by Ivan Savvov, co-chair of the Socrates Committee, Oxford, United Kingdom.

The award highlighted Kpolovie as a unique individual, who constantly contributed to the evolution of world science, transforming and solving global issues.

Kpolovie was nominated for the award through a letter by the EBA, dated October 20, 2023.
EBA explained, “The Name in Science is a made-in-London bespoke award reserved for individuals who make exceptional personal contributions to the development of regional and global science and technologies.

“The Name in Science Award is presented to scientists, business innovators and researchers who have made worthy contributions to the intellectual development of modern society through partnerships and intercultural communication.”

EBA outlined some of the criteria considered by the award institutions before granting the honours as personal contributions of a candidate to scientific research; the urgency of the scientific research for civil society development; and cooperation with national and international organizations.

Others are national, regional, and international certificates, licences, and patents; media press coverage and reviews; participation in national and international forums, ratings, exhibitions, and conferences; speeches on forums as a key speaker; and state and public awards won.

The premium set of attributes contained in The Name in Science Award that Peter James Kpolovie was bestowed with are name in Science Gold Medal with the inscription “Primus Inter Pares”; name in Science ribbon, certificate that made him a bonafide Member of the Academic Union, Oxford, UK; personalized Seal as a Member of the Academic Union, Oxford, UK and Licence of Europe Business Assembly Corporation of Social Partnership.

Kpolovie won the award following his inventive and innovative research works, and many of his award-winning books such as Research: Make Impossibility Possible; Multivariate Analysis of Variance: SPSS Excellent Guide; Factor Analysis: Excellent Guide with SPSS; Correlation, Multiple Regression, and Three-Way ANOVA.

Others include IBM SPSS statistics excellent guide; Excellent research methods; Statistical approaches in excellent research methods; Handbook of research on enhancing teacher education with advanced instructional technologies; and Educational management in developing economies.

The excited Kpolovie described the award as exceptional reputable, saying that a person could get virtually no greater scientific honour than The Name in Science.

He said The Name in Science Award and some other awards he had won such as the Scientist of the Year 2021, the International Excellence Award 2023, the Best ANOVA Book of All Time, and The Best ANOVA eBook of All Time have indelibly heroized and immortalised him.

He glorified God with praises for enabling him to make indelibly valuable contributions to the world’s scientific and technological advancements.