God is a family man. God’s greatest weapon for a great society is the nuclear family. Behind the curtains of home, that is where the society is shaped.

Wife: Honey, l went to the market today and all the prices of things l wanted to buy is increased.

Husband: Okay.

Wife: Why are you answering me like that?

Husband (calmly): l choose not to worry because it won’t solve anything.

The wife becomes angry that he is not serious.

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If the couple fails, the children and even the society will experience and partake in the failure; that is why it is very important to properly manage the home front in this economy. Whatever and however the economy is, whatever life may decide to throw at you and your family, the investment you make in your marriage and family may be the pension you get in later years. In this economy, the greatest weapon to use to make your family thrive is words. Behind the curtains of home is where the society is shaped. No family, no marriage is bad. A man’s mountain is his ignorance. Some people make it their job to create fear around marriage and their fears most times become their reality. The current economy is affecting both the rich and the poor. It is very important to let your home be the little heaven where you and your family members find the needed comfort. The workspace and even the market place are so full of stress. I know you understand what I am talking about. It is important to ensure you create an atmosphere of peace, harmony and joy in your home. Many couples are gradually stepping into anxiety, depression, loneliness and silence treatment in their home; that is not the solution. The simple solution is using positive and encouraging words even in the most difficult situation you are faced with as a family.

Make sacrifices: A thriving marriage and family is achievable when both spouses make the necessary sacrifices and give their best in this economy to support each other. No marriage and family will thrive in this economy without great effort, hard work and sacrifices. Re-adjust your expectation, let go of some controlling, demanding and unrealistic financial expectations. Control your expenditures, see this season as an opportunity to prove your love to your spouse with the sacrifices and the understanding you display when they can’t readily meet your wants and needs. As a family, jointly talk about the current spending habits of each family member and resolve issue around it.

Use positive word and be positive as a family: Intentionally decide that this season is a season you will thrive, not just survive. Decide with your mouth and heart to thrive even in the face of the downturn in the economy. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Create time to talk with your spouse and children. Don’t engage in defeating confessions and talk even when you admit the fact of the economy of the country. In this financially difficult time, differences in opinion and spending habit can cause stress but stick to speaking positive word; don’t engage in unnecessary quarrel and fight. Create an atmosphere of joy and peace in your home.

Man up, sir, and provide leadership, not just provision: Everything rises and falls on leadership. Leadership in the family is traditionally on the man, that is why I am saying men should man up. Be a priest and a prophet. As a priest, speak on behalf of your household to God, and as a prophet, declare God’s good report not just what you are seeing; declare the great future and the expected end.

Prioritize self-care: In this economy, take care of your physical and emotional well being, so you will be able to effectively support your family. No matter what the economy is throwing at you, your family will thrive.