…advocates for development in Niger Delta schools

In a bid to prioritize educational development in the Niger Delta region, the National President of the National Union of Delta State Students Union Government (NIDSUG), Comrade Scott Ogunseri, recently paid a visit to Edo State Polytechnic Usen. During his visit, Comrade Ogunseri made a passionate plea to the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs to extend their development initiatives to schools in the Niger Delta.

The visit by Comrade Scott Ogunseri was not only symbolic but also significant in highlighting the need for increased attention and investment in education within the Niger Delta. The national delegates were received by the Rector Edo State Polytechnic; Engr. Omoruyi Sylvester who applauded the national president, congratulating him on his election victory at the last NIDSUG national convention, he also commended the good works of the national president, highlighting that he has been following his administration since inception and must admit that he is achieving a milestone.

Speaking with reporters during his visit, Comrade Ogunseri emphasized the critical role that educational institutions play in the socio-economic development of any region, stressing that neglecting education in the Niger Delta would be detrimental to the overall progress of the region.

“I urge the NDDC and the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs to prioritize the development of schools in the Niger Delta. Our students deserve access to quality education, modern facilities, and a conducive learning environment,” Comrade Ogunseri said.

He further pointed out that improved infrastructure, adequate funding, and enhanced academic resources would not only benefit students but also contribute to the empowerment and advancement of communities across the Niger Delta.
Comrade Ogunseri’s advocacy aligns with the ongoing efforts to address educational challenges in the Niger Delta region. It also underscores the role of student unions in championing the interests and welfare of students, particularly in underserved areas.

In response to Comrade Ogunseri’s plea, stakeholders in the education sector have expressed support for initiatives aimed at enhancing educational standards in the Niger Delta. They have called for collaborative efforts between government agencies, educational institutions, and student organizations to achieve meaningful progress in education across the region.

As discussions and deliberations continue on how to bridge the educational gap in the Niger Delta, Comrade Scott Ogunseri’s visit serves as a catalyst for renewed commitment and action towards improving educational outcomes and opportunities for students in the region. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by the institution’s Dean of student, Engr. Osagie Edobor Kingsley.