Tuke Tuke Gossip oga wan tank una for de way some pepos dey take send message for us sake of say dem dey like de way we day talk true word for dem.

Some pepos also dey want make we dey kari waka put visit for dem make dem for nack plenti boku tory wey gofment go fit sabi say dem get boku wahala for de area way dem tanda gidigba.

All of una do well.

But make una know say dis Tuke Tuke Gossip no be de show wey man pikin dey take sofokate other pepos. Na de tins wey hapun we dey try tell pepos so dat dem go wise well well but if your tory be de tin way pepos go take learn lesson, we fit make pepos read am.

For dis week our tory na for gofment and de pepos wey tink say dem wise. Dem no know say dem be mugu.

Long time ago, one man wey dem dey call Erengbo sing say when kuni man die, wayo man go bury am. No be lie at all.

As Jagaban don bekom oga for this obodo pepo eye don dey see pepe. Hungry don make dem yamutu and dose wey fit still stand don bekom begars. The rich even don dey put crokodile tears for dem eyes so dat dem no go do help for pepos. Abi una nor dey feel am?

Like we dey talk before, everything don jagajaga. Rice don bekom de tin wey dem dey call no-go area. One bag now na de money wey man pikin dey get for four months salary. Dat na if you be gofment worker. Garri wey pepo dey call poor man food don even komot from poor man table. Na only big man dey buy garri now sake of say de price don go up well well. Na only oga babuns fit buy garri now.

What of kokoyam and buele? Fafafa fowl! Roasted kokoyam and plantain na de pepos wey get igho, ego, owo and money dey fit near de place wey dem dey roast am.

Frustration don change to madness for dis our obodo Naija. Nobody still fit talk how we come dey dis kondition. Kontri wey say we even too get money sotey we nor know how we go take spend am na him come be de kontri wey be one of de poorest kontri for de world?

All dat talk of giant of Africa na wayo talk. Tru tru we big for size but we no big for money mata.

Ok. Make we rezin togeda now. Which kind food Naija dey produce wey we dey carry go for anoda kontri? If no be de oil wey Baba God give us, wetin dey bring money come now? In de olden days we be dey kari timber, rubber, groundnut, animal and skin comot go obodo oyibo until Udoji come spoil show. All dose kompany like AT and P, UAC, Kingsway, Leventis and others, were dem dey now? All of dem don jakpa!

As dem take comot na so our pepos take enter house bikos no work again. Our broda wey be muzishan, wey don die, Osayomore Joseph, sing am say, when there is life, there is hope. No be lie. But de hope wey nor dey change to hopeful nor be hope at all.

Dats why anytime wey pepo dey say anything wey go up must come down, I dey tell dem say make dem dey add join am say unless for obodo Naija. Bikos for dis our kontri, anything wey go up no dey come down lailai. Tell me, since de time wey we get independence, wetin don go up wey come down especially for price mata?

Make we no deceive oursef. Man pikin dey even fear say Baba God don throway eyes for our mata for dis kontri, otherwise, we for nor dey suffer like dis.

De only two persin wey for fit do something for us, pepo no let dem settle down. One of dem na Murtala Mohamed. Dem kukuma kuench dat man sake of say dem sabi say if dem leave am make hin continue, hand go meet all of de pepo wey dey make our kontri go back instead of front.

De sekon persin na Yar’Adua. Dis same pepo don see say de man no go let dem dey do wayo wey dem dey do, dem come plan to nack de man injection wey go kuick send de bobo go thy kingdom kome. Again, de man yamutu.

Since dat time , Naija begin to dey fall small small. Na only de pepos wey dem dey call “Kabals” come dey chop our money. Dem divide de oil well wey sopose to bring money for demsefs. Sojas, police and de ones dem dey call DSS all throway face. Buhari wey pepo tink say go fit do something sake of say de time wey him and Idiagbon dey for power, pepo dey fear. But dis time when him come as civilian Oga, him no fit do shishi. Instead, na de time wey him take dey power everything come kpafuka. Naija come become de kontri wey sabi boro money. De money wey him boro sef, we no fit pay am finish for de next fifty years.

Persin don even taya for dis kontri. Now, anota majishan don come wit “Emi Lo Kan” wey mean say “na my turn”. E be like say some pepos don sit down well well to plan am say see how dem go take rule dis kontri. Persin no need to dey go for vote again bikos before de vote start, de persin wey go be de winner don already know himsef. Dem don write de rezot before de vote go start.

Weda you go court or not, na waste of money bikos de pepo wey court go bring make dem come settle de mata don already get de rezot wey dem write bifor de eleshion even start.

Walahi Talahi, if no be say my papa and mama born me for Benin Kingdom, I for beg Osanobua say if I dey come dis world again afuta I don die, make him no make me come Naija. But I like Benin Kingdom.

De only praya now be say, make Baba God no make Benin Kingdom be minority again, Isee.

Oba gha to, Okpere! Isee!