As I take a leisurely walk around the famous places in Benin City, I can’t help but be captivated by the incredible creativity in motion. The outdoor ambiance is a beautiful blend of unique and artistic styles, infused with vibrant hues that add a certain charm and liveliness to the atmosphere. It’s truly a sight to behold, and I find myself in awe of the way Benin residents effortlessly express themselves through their fashion choices, hence ensuring the concept of Street Style Fashion.

Street style is a fashion phenomenon that originates not from the confines of studios, but from the grassroots level. It’s a movement that emerges organically from the streets, driven by the personal style and creativity of everyday individuals. Rather than being dictated by high-end designers, street style represents a form of fashion that is deeply rooted in individuality and self-expression. It’s a captivating display of unique and unconventional fashion choices that have the power to inspire and redefine trends. It’s truly fascinating to witness the influence of street style on the broader fashion landscape.

One of the things that really make the street fashion in Benin City stand out is the incredible use of bold and vibrant colours. It’s like a burst of energy and creativity. The people here love to experiment with bright and eye-catching colours, whether it’s in their clothing, accessories, or even their hairstyles. You would see a passerby in Benin looking very colourful; a woman can wear a bright coloured hairstyle, mix it with a different coloured Ankara gown, and another colour of footwear.

Their accessories play a very outstanding role as they love bold and shiny jewellery like necklaces, neck chains, bangles, earrings. In fact, Benin youths are identified by these bold and bright coloured accessories wherever they are.

Also, the face makeup most Benin women and youths apply screams BOLD – it’s always a colour carnival on their faces. But what’s really amazing is how they incorporate intricate patterns and prints that reflect their rich cultural heritage. It’s a beautiful fusion of tradition and contemporary style.

Carrying dreads as a hairstyle has become a very common and popular street fashion among the youth in Benin City. It’s interesting how some of them do it as a way to imitate their favourite Benin/Edo artists like Shalipopi and Rema. It’s like a form of admiration and expression of their love for these artists. Some individuals were born with dreads, but now it has become a major trend and fashion statement, especially among males.

Again, they have embraced hoodie wear as a prominent fashion choice, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. It’s intriguing to observe how they effortlessly incorporate hoodies into their everyday outfits, adding a touch of casual coolness. Fashion truly has its own unique way of evolving and captivating our attention.

Traditional fabrics such as Ankara are commonly used in Benin street fashion. These fabrics are known for their rich colours and intricate designs, and they add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any outfit. Whether it’s a stylish dress, a tailored suit, or a trendy jumpsuit, Benin City residents know how to make a fashion statement with these traditional fabrics. I mostly see these fabrics on a special class, amongst the elderly – they use this as a medium to drift from the Benin traditional attires but still adding a feel of it in theses designs. But, fashion always takes its cue in every setting as styles created with the Ankara fabrics have been beautiful modernized, and are worn amongst youths who drive fashion in their unique and distinct way.

Indeed, it is truly fascinating to witness the evolution of fashion styles on the streets of Benin City. The shift from traditional attires has given rise to novel fashion statements, where individuals skillfully incorporate sustainable fashion into their everyday styles. This conscious effort to embrace eco-friendly choices not only showcases their personal style but also promotes a greater sense of environmental responsibility. Fashion, in this context, becomes a powerful medium for self-expression and a means to contribute to a more sustainable future.