Beautiful. Stunning. Remarkable. A babe of babes. A bombshell of an actress. This dazzlingly beautiful artiste can be either classy or simple, depending on how you need her to be. I remember I first saw her on “Divorce Not Allowed”. She was simply amazing and dynamic in her character interpretation. Efe Irele who hails from Benin City, Edo State, can either be classy or simple depending on the weight or emotional carriage expected of the character you need her to be. Then I saw her on ”4:4:44” as directed by Izu Ojukwu and…Oh Mon Dieu, Elle etait fantastique! [Oh My God. She was fantastic!]. Then I saw her on ROK Studios “Atosa” directed by Kabat Esosa Egbon…and I was like ‘hmmmm’. Then I saw her on ”Hey, You”. I tell you, this gorgeous diva is always a phenomenon on-screen…mind-blowing. Let me discuss some of the films our Edo-hailed Efe Irele we are so proud of has been in and the lessons I have learnt from them.

Divorce Not Allowed: Oh my God! What a film! What a star-studded film! Efe Irele played Ovie alongside Mike Ezuruonye, who also directed, by the way. His character felt his wife was too religious and decided to get a side chick to replace his wife. Efe Irele played an excellent version of this side chick; the quintessential side chick that would play with you but has zero interest in commitment. I learnt from this film to stay content with whoever chooses to stay in my life as the grass might not always be greener on the other side. And that all that glitters is not gold. And that there is no perfect marriage, and that relationships work best when two imperfect people stay determined to make it work together. I also learnt that those who love us are in our lives not because we are so awesome but out of their choice. This film is tinged with a great dose of hilarity; however, it has a fundamentally strong moral message for humanity with regard to gratitude.

4:4:44: Efe Irele played a younger version of ‘Theresa’ (Nse Ikpe-Etim). She was more or less like a quiet storm. A humble, quiet, simple-looking love-struck woman, but we all know that still waters run deep. This simple young woman fell in love with her man during the days of her youth. She got into serious trouble when an enemy struck and then had to fight demons within and without herself. This love story is the most heart-touching I have seen in a long while. It emphasizes the importance and essence of true love on several dimensions. True love is heartfelt sacrifice. True love is profound understanding. True love is selfless. True Love Never Fails. This theme was the innate DNA that resonated throughout the duration of this film. If this film does not bring tears to your eyes, then you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Be careful, as not everyone in this world actually wants your progress.

Atosa: I love the logline for this ROK Studios feature length film from 2019 – Every man that Princess Atosa marries dies on their wedding night, bringing danger to the kingdom. Beautiful. Apt. Efe Irele played Atosa. The cinematic appeal of this Kabat Esosa Egbon-directed film is aesthetically pleasing and satisfactory to the eyes and to other senses. The moment I saw the trailer, I fell in love with the film. I saved the poster on my laptop and carried it everywhere I went. Let us not quickly forget that Efe Irele has the face of an enchantress that pulls viewers in and leaves them wanting more without them actually understanding why. I learnt from this film the essence of understanding whatever it is you wish to get yourself involved in. The truth is not always pleasant. This world is deeper than we realize and this life is a mystery.

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Hey, You: This beautiful film from the stables of Anthill Studios is exceptional on several levels. Deeply satisfying too. The soundtrack and score is one of the best I have ever experienced in my life. I would not advise this film for children, though. I loved the way Efe Irele masterfully handled the “Dr. Jekyll and Hyde complex” smoothly, and with exceptional prowess and finesse, while playing Bianca alongside Abel (Timini Egbuson). This film kindly reassures all of us that everyone has a shadow, a dark side that resides within them, that lurks within the surface. This dark side of who we are can be unleashed when life pushes us around and we don’t know what else to do. This is my point of view, as I understand that every member of the audience always brings their unique perspective and personality to every film they see. Aside from that, I understand that those who love you will not judge you and those who judge you will not love you. Everyone has a dark past they may not be so proud of but that is also the whole idea of being a human being. We are all searching for that special person who can understand us for who we are, just as we are. And Efe Irele’s character interpretation was impeccable as she left no stones unturned in demonstrating this idea. This film is flawless. I felt like I actually knew who the story was based upon.


I love this woman. I love Efe Irele. I love all our Edo creatives who go to great lengths to demonstrate how great art is done. Edo State is the home of creativity and the evidences to support that claim keep mounting. I remember a quote, ”Leaders don’t tell others what to do; they show you how it is done.” Efe keeps showing us how it is done. I celebrate all of our celebrities, both at home and in the diaspora. I wholeheartedly commend their professional attitude, their hard work and impeccable commitment to quality standards. During my moments of meditation, I always wonder, what is life without art? And by extension, how meaningless would our collective existence be without exceptional artistes like Efe Irele; without our artistic bombshell who has emblazoned the universe with the motto: EDO TO THE WORLD?