Anoda day don land and l nor say as usual, nor be evri person wey see las wik see today and e get why, init? Many pipo de talk am laik no man’s bizness and heaven nir fall, so dia for, if l add my mouth join, nothing go spoil. Una forget say, na for dis awa kontri one politishan talk am say, if we talk, man pikin must to kpai and if we still no yan, man pikin go still kaput. So-dia-for, weda you yan opata or yan koret, kaput de gate de wait for evribodi laik olumo rock.

Wetin me wan ask fit difrent from ya quession oooo, and e get why. Wetin go make man love him fellow man pass woman wey fine & get beta curve bodi? Or wetin go come push woman to leave man with all him muscles and wetin baba God give join, come say na woman like herself go fit make her bodi come de vibrate laik locomotive machine? I no say many pipo wey de eida support dem or even de do de fit ask me say wetin konsan me for inside dis mata. Laik l yan before now, l say if you yan de truth or even lie kpakpa, you go must kaput and if you troway ya eye comot from de mata, you must to still kaput. Na as baba God take arrange life be dat.

I chop belleful cum waka wella for dis mata and cum choktarize wen l no say dem get association wey dem nor register. E shock you? Abeg wear rubber slippers for ya leg bcos more electric shock go soon land. Anyways, nothing wey man see or hia today wey neva happen before. If you neva see am or hia am, naim be say, you neva waka reach dia. Una even no say for Obodo oyinbo for yondaland, dem tell mama and papa dem not to tell dia pikins say dem be woman or man? Dem even warm papas and mamas dem to accept wen small pikin wey be boy say him na girl and de girls siddon tell dem say him na boy? Dis one no reach to make person forget afternoon hot amala and ewedu soup so?

Na which kain konfusion pass wen boy go say him na girl and girl say him na boy, and yet dem bodi nor change cum from belle? Dat one be be jazz or remote control? Ok na, how dem take first de notice say person wan begin to start craze, nor be things laik dis wen de pikins dem nor de on kolos? If una neva no, fine cloth de cover craze but na de yanings from de mouth de open fowl yansh for ground.

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Many of una fit nor see de area l de from luk dis mata. Imagine say you de baff for inside open bathroom for boys and you come see many girls naked cum dia say dem be boys and wan baff for dia too, dat no be wetin Fela de call “confusion na wan”? Make we de mind wetin we de copy copy from all dis oyinbos dem wey cocaine don turn dia brain upside down, but luk laik beta person bcos him wia coat and tie. Una forget say na dis kain pipo Fela still call animal in human skin? We all need to shine awa eyes before dem go tell us say moon na kpekpeye and kpekpeye na baba.

Awa film and musik pipo don de wan do laik oyinbo pipo and wan cum use style style de make dis kain craze behavior de laik normal tin for 9ja. Una forget how many of awa film pipo name don cum out for brotherhood and sisterhood level? Una forget too, how many even de defend Bodriski say naim right to take talk weda him go be man for night and woman for day time? One tin wey me l no be say nature no de gree make dem cheat am. Make una stroll go take foto with Bobriski for prison and show us, weda him nor go resemble Sadam Hussein for de pishur.

Make we as film pipo de use awa films and awa bodi plus mouth to de show to evribodi say we believe in awa culture and as baba God take arrange us inside dis world. Make we de do de tins as film pipo wey go make awa pikins dem to de grow up as beta human beings wey nor go konfuse as human beings weda dem be boy or girl. Truth na truth and lie na lie. Make we de practice wetin we de preach so dat aw amata nor go cum be laik the voice of Jacob but the bodi of Esau. De rison nor had to see becos as usual, las las anybodi wey de cry or fit cry must to see road even though tears cover de eyes. Abi una don still forget wetin oyinbos dem use dem hand to write for de books wey dem use to take de sell dia own foreign culture to us? Make l rememba una: dem say wen you de for Sokoto behave laik who de for Sokoto and if you de for Ikpoba Hill for Benin, also behave laik dem. How man go wia bra for empty chest plus woman dross de waka for swimming pool area and cum de tell us say naim right? E be laik armed robber wey dem catch for robbery and him de tell upper or ajegule boys say him no him right as a human being even though dem catch am with AK.47. Anyways, una wey l de talk to so, una no una sef and one day, catfish go jump comot from him river and land inside pepper-soup. We go see again nex wik to yan more, but before then, you be sisterhood or brotherhood?