• Riot50000

    They have the right to call themselves whatever they please. Is any Igbo bothered by this?
    Reminds me of SABOTEURS during the War. I would be the first to deny you, FOOL.

  • solomon omojie -mgbejume

    most igbo people are just ignorant and make claims they cannot substantiate , ika is an ethnic group , we are not igbo and we are not benins, although we share relationship with both benin and igbos , our surnames are often bini or ishan names and we also some times have names that are igbo , that was a result of language mixture that came from migrations from igbo and benin areas , but the original founders of ika are the benin people.that is why you see us having edo family names such as omoroje, igumbor, osagie , omorodion , ovia, obaigbena and others , we also name our villages like idumu ikeke, idumu-izomor , where i come from .the binis celebrate igue , also we the ikas celebrate igue and ikaba , ovia , and ibiewere festivals too , we also worship olokun, believe in ehi , and call God oselobue too. our culture and tradition is still predominantly of edo origin, spiced with some igbo culture and festivals too such as ikenga , iwagi and others , we still have titles such as ologbshere, ozomor, iyase , edogun, obazuaiye an others, coming to language ikas have two languages one is called ika which is a mix of edo and igbo languages and ozara which is pure edoic , spoken by people of ozanogogo in agbor , area , i my self am from idumu-izomor in owa-oyibu in ika north east of delta, and am of the royal lineage of obi igbedigin no gidigan who ruled owa as the second king in the 13th century,
    let me give you a few examples of ika language—–
    1. okpoho ni dodo wehe nim ayiya rielu agara hun- please lady get me the comb on that chair.
    2. okenyen ni rie gbe ikpomor- this man is delaying.
    3. ki okpoho oba ni rie men imughe- what is that old woman doing in side the house.
    4. gi ofungbon ri imen okpan ni te ofe- use the palm oil in the plate to cook soup
    you can see a mix of edo and igbo words tied together , so that is ika language, oselobue ani leying hun idoboro , iseh.

    • Beautyintheeyes

      What you said made no sense. If Ika is a tribe by itself, there is no way in hell you will loose your langauge, culture and even worse your last name and start answering that of your neighbors. Delta State is a mituxure of different tribes, agreed. BUT if you have an IGBO last name, that simply means that your great great great ancestors are Igbos, so you are Igbo. If you have a beni name then your ancestors are from bini. Stop denying who you are. Ika is a community, not a tribe. Y’all live together and make it work but you don’t have to deny who you are just to assimilate into something else. Delta-Igbos are NOT less Igbo than any other Igbos. Anyone with an Igbo last name got it from an Igbo ancestor and is therefore Igbo.
      Spare yourself the extra jargon and accept who you are and be proud of it.

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  • tam

    U have shown your dislike for the Ikwerres, Rivers state is for Rivers people(ikwerres, Ibani,Obolo,Okrika Ogoni etc)not for u s.e land grabbers

  • izuma

    If Ikwere said they are not Igbo, leave them to be who they said they are.must Ikwere Answer Igbo to survive? Is very surprising to See Igbo claiming Ekpeye (Ahoada) language as Igbo. Is like Yoruba claiming Ogoni language as Yoruba because Ekpeye (Ahoada) language has NO similarity with Igbo language in any way. Why is Igbo keep forcing small tribe speaking similar like them to answer Igbo. U think the minorities will leave to answer their tribes names and answer Igbo? Because of oil and seaport, Igbo want force every similarity language with them to Igbo tribe. The minorities knows ur motive for forcing them to Igbo union is not of good use to them.as they said. They are not Igbo, leave them to be who they said they are. Period

  • May30th1967

    Blacks, Especially Igbos Prove More Intelligent Than Whites Including The Asian Outliers
    Africa, Education, Headlines, World News
    By NewsRescue
    April 19, 2016

    Read more: http://newsrescueDOTcom/blacks-especially-igbos-prove-more-intelligent-than-whites-including-the-asian-leaders/#ixzz4NvGU1kfH

    They hated Igbos, yet they gave their children Igbo names

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