• GusO

    I’m not against anti-open cattle grazing law in Edo but the State must learn from the lessons of what happened in Benue State and other state planning to implement similar laws such as Taraba State with ongoing feuds between the herdsmen and locals. I think our state been made up of very intelligent persons should bring the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders of Nigeria (MACBAN) into the drafting of the laws. The state should seriously consider LEASING virgin land for ranching purposes to herdsmen because it can turn out to be advantageous to Edo State. A leased land is rented for at least 10 – 99 years and the leasors pay monthly for the occupation of the land. The land has to be developed with year round irrigation, various farm buildings for milk and cheese harvesting and breeding using modern methods. I don’t believe the government should develop it but MACBAN members would have to go into business partnerships with enterprising investors and negotiate what fraction of the business must be owned by the investors. These ranches will employ people and the ranches as well as the people employed must then pay taxes to the government for the benefit of the public. It will be a win-win for the herdsmen who can sell their fresh milk and cheese to the supermarkets as as well as clean beef, goat and sheep meat. It will be big business. To accomplish all of this, the law must not take effect 6 months after it is enacted. I live in the US and no laws take effect 6 months after it is enacted. That’s what caused the trouble in Benue because there were no ranches ready when the law took effect. The law should take effect 3-5 years after it is enacted to enable the ranches to identified, leased and developed. I urge Edo law makers to set a good example of fair play, bring along MACBAN and show the world what have always been unique amongst us Edo people and before that Bendelites and Midwest people that unlike the other major tribes in Nigeria, we have always been fair to all Nigerian tribes and have allowed every tribe to leave amongst us as long as they obey the law.

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