ACCORDING to BBC Television footage of 8th September 2014, Fish blasting on Tazania Territorial Water had been the quickest avenue of catching fishes in commercial quantity for many decades.
These fake fishermen throw Dynamites towards high concentration of fishes and the consequences of this reckless abandon are destruction of the Ecosystem and bio-diversity.
Good and hard-working fishermen can hardly compete with these miscreant fishermen with get rich syndrome but not without the challenges of some times endangering their own lives.
A respondent local fishermen who had lost both hands to dynamics had this to say. “As I opened the dynamite it did not open on time, and before you know it my two hands were completely blown out. As you can see, my two palms are gone.”
The approved methods of catching fishes that is fit for human consumption is by nets, hooks and baskets. In the 60’s when Mr. Ode returns to the bank of Ikpoba River after a long search with his canoe, people in the vicinity do cluster around the boat with the sole aim of peeping at the sizes of the fish he had caught.
In another scenario. Mr. Ojo who hailed from Owo area of the defunct Western region of Nigeria said that some cocoa farmers mistakenly dropped some quantity of Gamalin 20 in a nearby stream and discovered that dead fishes were floating. So many fishes were caught in the process. The farmer felt it was a good development. But after consuming the fish, they became seriously sick of stomach disorder. The incident was narrated to the traditional ruler of the town. He then summoned a meeting of the chiefs and elders and they were briefed about the incident. The town “crier” was then mandated to disseminate the information to all and sundry especially in the market places telling them to desist from eating poisoned fish from the river. Albeit some people obeyed, the news still spread like wild fire and many people decided to experiment Gamalin 20 in the streams out of curiosity.
However in salty water of ocean there are some super mammals called whales, fast and sleek they cut through the ocean depth like shimmering darts. Constantly on motion and endlessly on the prowl in the scientific arena. They are acknowledged as Thunnus fish which originated from a word “rush” some other magnificent family include, sperm whale, Blue whale, whale shark, spear fish, sword fish etc. Frankly speaking these salt water athletes also encompasses magnificent tune which comprises about 15 varieties.
As regards the athletic community, the blue whale is the largest mammal that had ever lived both in land and the seas, fish predator such as the blue whale could be amazingly put at 48 meters which was caught in India Ocean, presumably the animal could weigh more than 250 tones. The weight of it’s tongue could be heavier than the weight of a matured Elephant. You can just wonder how it can give birth to about six ton calf that is about 10 meters in length. These sea animals have been grossly hunted for food in the past two hundred years and today, it is in the verge of extinction. Whales are like missiles in the seas able to attain the speed of about 100 kilometers an hour.
In a BBC Television interview footage with the National Geography Magazine, it explains “Three quarters muscle hydrodynamically superb with a powerful heart-ramject ventilation heat exchanger and other special features, the whale is designed for fast movement.”
Comparatively, the blue whale have a heart that is enomous in the midst of other sea mammals. In addition it’s heart, unlike that of a typical cold blooded fish, pumps relatively warm blood through it’s ingenious circulatory system.
On the average of ten degree celsies rise in it’s blood temperature accelerate the blue fins muscular power, some three fold enabling to entrench it as an apex predator as it states it’s ever increasing appetite on fish and other mavin living organisms.
If a whale sight a delicious meal – let say a school of mackerels, its sickles shaped tail blast them up to attack speed in a heartbeat or two pectorial and pelvic fin vetract into special slots in the fins steel hard body to reduce drag. The spread of mackerel notwithstanding it has little or no chance of escape. For the whale is naturally endowed with binocular vision, highly sensitive hearing and chemical detectors that can sample water about 100 killometres away. When the whale is about taking it’s prey, it’s fins extend for critical split, secondly directional control. Then, in the blink of an eye, it’s gills cover and mouth open and the mackerels all gone swallowed up by the ever hungry animal.
Due to their enormous heart, relatively warm blood and exceptionally large gills, whale recover from such sprints about ten times faster than any other sea fish. Yet even while catching their breath as well as while sleeping they continue swimming for they are heavier than water and they do not have the gill pump that allow other fish to come to a complete rest.
The anticipated huge economic of scale in hunting tuna, large blue fins are such a prize that ships and spotter airoplanes spend weeks and some times months in just a few wild life.
Some countries who had set limits on catches in their territorial waters had not yielded positive result. For instance a blue whale caught, tagged and release near China was recaptured off the coast of Mexico nearly 50,000 killometres away.
In the light of the above, fresh water and Deep Sea farming of these magnificent wild life should be encouraged as it is currently practiced in Japan. By so doing these creatures could be preserved for posterity.

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