FABIO Capello has slammed Serie A’s hooligan element for stunting the development of the Italian game.
The former AC Milan and Juventus boss, speaking at the Dubai International Sports Conference, was asked what is required to return Italy’s domestic league and national team to former glories.
The Russia coach criticised the quality of stadia in the country but also added that the attitude of some fans in the stands has to change in order for improvements to follow.
Capello said: “First of all, we must have more peaceful stadiums. I am against our hardcore supporters, against the hooligans.
“They don’t want to support a football team, they just want violence. We need more families in the grounds.
“We need to improve the stadiums, but there needs to be new ideas regarding marketing and technique and we need honest people as well.”
Ultras have remained a serious problem in Italy over the years, with players such as Mario Balotelli and Kevin Prince-Boateng having been infamously subjected to racial abuse, while the conduct of some supporters inside the grounds has led to games being played without visiting fans or behind closed doors.