By  Pastor Samuel O. Osaghae

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GOD also gave the Israelites the imagery of a pillar of cloud and fire to make them continually conscious of His presence.
In Ezekiel 3:22 23, God gave Ezekiel instruction to go to the plain. When he obeyed, he experienced the presence of God in a higher dimension. Ezekiel had to gain a consciousness of God’s presence before God could reveal deep things to him. The reason why people don’t hear God is because they don’t practice the consciousness of God’s presence. God doesn’t speak until you are conscious of the fact that He is standing right beside you.
In Exodus 3, Moses had to see the burning bush in order to gain consciousness of the presence of God. The fire was not the real thing, the message was God is waiting for you to change your mind from consciousness of the physical to consciousness of His spiritual presence. When Moses turned around to look, God knew He had his attention. When you turn away from distraction, then God will speak to you.
God wants you to begin to deliberately shift from physical consciousness to spiritual consciousness of Him. Intimacy is not a one man issue; it’s a relationship between two people. When you lose consciousness of God’s presence, you shift from spirit to flesh.
In l Samuel 3, we see that Samuel was always sleeping by the ark. One day, God called him, but although God had always been by him, he did not recognize God’s voice. There are many people who heard the call but did not listen to hear the instruction. What will make God know that you are ready to hear Him speak is your consciousness of His presence; God is not ready to waste a message. Your consciousness of His presence sends a message to divinity that you are ready to receive from Him. God did not speak to Samuel till he became conscious of His presence.
Consciousness of the presence of God is not a new issue; it has been the pattern and method of God right from the Old Testament. In 1 Kings 19:11 -15, we see God speak only after he had the full attention of Elijah. During church service, when people are slain in the Holy Ghost, it is an indication that God is around; however He speaks only will be Only those that can be still enough to listen to Him will hear Him speak. He does not speak in the noise; he speaks in the  small voice. Everything that appears before the still small voice is designed to catch and make you conscious of the presence of God.
In Genesis 28: 12 -19, we see how God had to show Himself to Jacob so that he will be conscious of His presence with him. Before this dream, Jacob was running from the enemy, in this consiosness of the enemy, the Lord could not do anything for him even though He had so much in store for him. Many Christians like Jacob in the above scripture have been so much engulfed by the to change Jacob before He could use him, God will not use a man that is too conscious of the enemy.
I Kings 6:16,we see that although Elisha’s servant was frightened by the enemies, Elisha was not afraid. The difference between the two men was this; while one was conscious of the enemy, the other was conscious of the presence of God.
King David recorded so much victory in his life time because he was always conscious of God’s presence with him. No wonder he wrote in Psalm 23:4 “yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I  will fear no evil for thou art with me”.
The devil makes you experience evil by making your heart dwell perpetually on him. For him to be able to activate evil in your life, he will first make you afraid of him. Being conscious of death, accident failure e.t.c will bring it to manifestation in your life. All those that God ever used had one thing in common, they were always conscious of God’s presence with them. Consciousness of God’s presence is therefore a foundation you must keep in order to record victory in life’s entire endeavor.
Seven ( 7) Outstanding Benefits of the Consciousness of God’s Presence
In the book of Revelation 4:1 -11, we see seven outstanding benefits of the
consciousness of God’s presence
1. Those in the throne room are not harassed, they are not anxious nor
worried because they are sitted in heavenly places together with Christ
2. They don’t struggle to be holy, holiness envelopes them like a garment
3. You receive honour, a crown of royalty comes upon your head. You don’t beg for it but it comes naturally upon you
4. You have the fullness of God’s spirit. You carry all the gifts and fruit of the spirit
5. You will live perpetually in peace
6. Your spiritual eyes become open and you receive revelation gift and
become able to see beyond the physical.
7. You receive divine ability to become unstoppable. You are able to flulfill your destiny no matter the opposition that comes against you. The four creatures in the presence of God who dwell daily in the consciousness of His presence are unstoppable creatures.
When you begin to dwell in the consciousness of God’s presence and worship Him in this consciousness, whosoever is a decider in your case will stand up to your rescue. They will lift you up to share in their honour
Pastor Samuel O. Osaghae
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