THOSE elemental beings which are concerned with the Gross material world. These consist of many special groups formed  through the nature of  their activities. There are, for example, groups which work entirely independent of the human spirits and which, being led only from above, busy themselves with the continous development of new celestial bodies. They further their maintenance as well as their course and likewise their disintegration, wherever this becomes necessary due to over ripeness, in order that they may come into existence again in a new form accordance with the primordial laws of creation and so on (Abd-ru-shin- In the light of Truth.
The writer will consider the little beings. You have often heard of the elves, the nixies, the gnomes and the salamander which are occupied with the gross matter of the earth here which is visible to you, also, similarly on all the other gross material globes. They are the densest of all and can therefore, also be most easily seen  by you. The tiniest one of  them is immensely important and more reliable in its activity than a human spirit (Abd-ru-shin).
They carry out the work assigned to them with an accuracy so great that you cannot even imagine it, because even the apparently most insignificant of  the elements is one with the whole and therefore, through it also works the power of the whole, behind which stands the one will furthering, strengthening, protecting and leading, the will of God.
This firmly –established connection automatically ensures that, should any one of these elementals fail in some way or other, it is immediately expelled by the pressure of the whole and thus remains cut off. It would then wither away because the power no long flows to it. All that is weak is quickly shaken off in this way and does not even have a chance to become harmeful.
These beings though, seemingly small, are yet so great in their activity, these you still have no knowledge about whatever, of the existence of which you have hitherto not known anything.
Abd-ru –shin says that the little elemental beings around you are influenced by the human spirit and can accordingly produce either good or even evil. It is not that you could be masters over these beings, that you could direct them.
In a sense of course, it could be described like that without saying anything wrong. With your volition, you always strongly influence every thing of  the aninuistic around you and that it adjusts itself to your thoughts and action because you are spiritual. They live in the will of God, is exercised solely from above.
This includes all the elemental beings. They are never subject to an alien volition, not even temporarily, nor in case where it seems to you as if they were.
The little elementals Abd-ru-shin opines adjust their activity to your volition and your actions, you human spirits, but nevertheless their work stands entirely in the will of God.
Abd-ru-shin says looking at from your angle you do influence the little elemental looked at from the light, however, these only fulfil the will of God, the law. And since any power to act can only come exclusively from the light, therefore, this side which is different to you is right one.
Looking from human perceptive in accordance with the law that with every volition the spirit exerts a pressure here in the material world, also upon the small substantiality that is only Animistic, so you leave an imprint upon the little elemental beings with your thoughts and deeds.
These little elementals then form in fine gross matter everything which is transferred to them by this pressure. Let us therefore, say, from your point of view, that they carry out all your volitions.
In the first place your spiritual volition, spiritual volition, however, is intuitive perception. The little elementals form it in fine gross matter exactly according to the volition that has issued from the spirit. They immediately take up the thread which springs forth from your volition and from your deed and fashion at the end of the thread that form which corresponds exactly with this thread of will such is the nature of the activity of  the little elementals, which you do not yet know in their actual working.
In this way, Abd-ru-shin opines in this way they create or better said, they form the plane of fine Gross matter, which awaits you when you have to pass over into the Ethereal World. It is the threshold thereto for your soul where, to use your expression, earthly death, before it is able to enter the Ethereal World.
The stay of the soul on this plane is of longer or shorter duration depending upon its inner quality and whether, through its various propensities and weakness, it strove with greater or lesser strength after the gross material.
This plane of finer gross matter has already been seen by many people.  It still belongs to World of Cross Matter and is formed by the elemental beings which prepare the path of the human spirit everywhere.
This is important for you to know. The elemental beings prepare for the human spirit and thus also, for the human soul as well as for earthman, that path which he must follow whether he wants to or not.  These elemental beings are influenced by man and also, apparently directed by him.  But only apparently, for the actual direction in this matter does not come from man but from the will of God, the adamantine Law of Creation, which stationed this group of elementals at this place and directs their activity in the swinging of the Law.
All the thought-forms also, come about through a similar activity of the elements.  However, this work is again carried out by a different group and a different species of the elements, which also, develop a special plane in fine gross matter alongside the first.
In this way landscapes, village and towns also arise.  That which is beautiful and that which is ugly.  However, the different kinds are always precisely linked together, i.e., the ugly, the beautiful with the beautiful, corresponding to the homogeneous species.
These are the places, the planes, in which you must still move about after your earthly death, before you can enter the Ethereal World.  The coarsest which still clings to your soul in the earthly sense in cast off and left, behind here.  Not one little speck of this dust can you take along with you into the Ethereal World.   It would hold you back until it has fallen, i.e, until you have lived it off through recognition (Abd-ru-shin).
Thus the soul must journey slowly onwards after earthly death, it must climb step by step, i.e., plane by plane, through constant recognition by personal experience of that which it acquired.
Wearison is the path if the elementals had to build dark or gloomy places for you, depending on your volition here upon earth.  It is always you who give the cause for it.
Now you know what the little elements do and how they work for you under your influence.  It is in the Law of Reciprocal Action.  The little elemental elements thereby weave your fate.  They are the little master weavers which work for you, because they always and only weave in such a manner as you wish it through your inner intuitive perception, likewise through your wish it through your thinking and also your actions.  Yet inspite of this, they are not in your service.
There are three species of such elemental beings alone which are busy with this.  The one species weaves all the threads of your intuitive perception, the second one the threads of your thinking and the third the threads of your actions.  They are three weavings, however, they are linked with many other weavings besides.
A whole army is busy at this work.  And these threads are coloured according to their nature.  To be contd.
Peace and joy.

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