LAGOS – The Nigeria Internet Group (NIG) has said there is need for accountability in solving the challenges of Cybercrime in the country.
Mr Bayo Banjo, the President of the group, made the assertion in an interview with newsmen in Lagos.
He said that a country in which people could not account for their wealth, could not effectively attack cybercrime.
“The truth is that we cannot effectively attack cybercrime in a nation where people do not account for their wealth.
“It is also certain that if you smoke, you cannot tell your son not to smoke and so, fighting the crime will be difficult,’’ he said.
Banjo suggested that the only way cybercrime could be stopped was to motivate security agents to do their jobs well.
He urged the government to make the implementation of the cybercrime laws effective on defaulting persons.
In another interview, Mr Rogba Adeoye, the President, Information Technology System and Security Professional (ITSSP), urged people to be security conscious whenever they are surfing on the internet.
“It is better you talk with someone face-to-face or on telephone than relating personal information on the internet,’’ he said.
Cybercrime is a term for any illegal activity that uses a computer as its primary means.
It also includes any illegal activity that is carried out using a computer for the storage of evidence.
The passage of cybercrime bill is also part of the measures to safeguard the nation in the cyber space, while ensuring protection of critical national information infrastructure.