THE Obong of Calabar, Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi-Otu V, has warned that the do-or-die approach to 2015 polls by politicians constituted a serious threat to Nigeria’s democracy.
The Efik monarch made the observation in Adiabo in Odukpani Local Government Area while interacting with some journalists.
The monarch chided the political class over what he described as a do-or-die approach to 2015 polls.
He said that he was yet to be convinced that some politicians had the interest of the country and that of ordinary Nigerians in mind from what he saw at the just concluded political party primaries.
“Their ambition and interest of many politicians seem to have overridden the interest of the people they are supposed to serve.
“The political class has now made politics a do-or-die business. To them, once you sail through, you automatically become a millionaire.
“If we can separate the political powers from the financial powers in the running of the country, Nigeria will be better for it.
“The governor, for instance, controls the state’s finances and decides what to do with it.
“All over the country, people are complaining over the just concluded party primaries. It was very shabby; it was a disgrace to the power of democracy.
“ They virtually hand-picked their cronies and tactically locked out others.
“Our democracy has deteriorated to the level that it is those at the corridors of power who decides who should take over political power, not on the basis of quality of service to the people.
“It has become an avenue to settle political acolytes. The people’s voices are no more important. This is very bad for our body polity.
“The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had taken steps to ensure credible elections, but politicians are not willing to play by the rules.
“You invite INEC to witness the sham called party primaries, but the electoral laws do not empower the umpire to take decision on the glaring imposition we are witnessing.
“The National Assembly should do something about the manner these primaries are conducted, else we may end up saying good bye to our hard earned democracy,” the monarch stated.