Lagos-An international relations expert, Prof. Solomon Akinboye, has said that Nigeria’s domestic economy needed to experience a major boost for more improvements in her international rating in 2015 and beyond.
‘’We cannot raise international respect for this country unless there is an astronomical boost in our domestic economy and internal social and political affairs.
‘’It is only when we are beautiful at home that we can enjoy the respect we deserve abroad,’’ he told newsmen  in Lagos.
He said that Nigeria needed also to deepen her democratisation to be able to influence world affairs.
He said the coming 2015 elections were like ‘’litmus test’’ for advancements in the nation’s power to dominate foreign policies especially of other African nations.
‘’Almost every country is experiencing one form of internal strife or political disturbance they need to address first to entertain accolades from sister countries.
‘’The era of doing so much abroad while fire burns in ones compound has come and gone.
‘’The world will not have any reservation to place us first amongst equals when democracy, rule of law and constitutionalism reigns in our land,’’ he said.