DOHA (QATAR) – The Gas Exporting Country Forum (GECF), at its 16th Ministerial Meeting in Doha , Qatar, expressed concern over the increasing volatility of the energy market around the world.
The Chairman of the meeting and Minister of Energy and Industry of Qatar, Dr Mohammed Saleh Alsada, said this in Doha
He said the industry was facing a crucial challenge of increasing volatility of the energy market, adding that the trend was driven by various reasons, including economy and political elements.
“The GECF is a platform for cooperation among the member countries.
“Its existence and the success achieved so far is a reflection of its members’ determination to cooperate yet on a mutual understanding and cooperation as to grow the industry, especially in facing the crucial challenges of today’s increasing volatility of energy market which is driven by variety of reasons.
“These include economy and political elements which affect its stability of the market; we need to be alert and keep monitoring the volatility of energy market.
“We do hope that the benefit of cooperation and collaboration among the GCEF member countries will be reflected on the global gas industry in the way that contribute to realising the interest of all crucial parties.
“We assured, once again, our continued support in strenghtening the gas forum.”