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POVERTY is on the increase in the society due to unemployment.  The youths are jobless, after sweating hard for years to attain educational heights.
Youths who are between ages 18 and 25 will tell you that they are in a steady relationship usually known and identified by them as courtship; that they are “studying” each other in case marriage becomes necessary or not.  But in the long run during this period, certain things happen; like in most cases sleeping together and having sex with the opposite sex.  Most times, there is no protection, because they so much trust each other, forgetting what the Bible says that “he that is trusting in his heart is stupid”, rather than trusting your partner by using your body “skin to skin”, be on the safer side by using condom, which will not only save you from contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS and others, but will also save you from unwanted pregnancy because your partner might have other girl friends or boyfriends.
Bringing unwanted children to life to cause nuisance along the way without being ready to care for them is sinful and criminal.
More so, in Nigeria, in parts of Niger Delta according to sources in Warri and Benin City the spread of HIV/AIDS is on the increase in the cities, considering that most ladies can sleep with men for 10,000 naira without using a condom, not knowing if the person is infected or not.  These ladies will pass it to their spouses or partners who also sleep with some other girls all in the name of catching fun.
Meanwhile, the world HIV/AIDS day that was celebrated on December 1 saw the release of statistics which show that in the rural areas there is the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the Urban Centres, Edo State being a reference point.
According to sources, the reason why those in the cities are more infected is because they are not informed, they lack the proper orientation on how to protect themselves.  One lady, an advocate said she “use to pay visit to rural areas every holiday, educating them on the virus and also giving them condom to help them protect themselves from spreading the virus”, and she adds; that she also displayed to them how to put or fix it on, because some of them might not know how to use it.  That is commendable for individuals as well as corporate organizations.
Nevertheless, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) has it in the expectation that by 2015, the world would have been able to tackle the spread of HIV/Virus and also would have been properly enlightened about it.
In Nigeria as a whole, unemployment has really created avenues for  many to contract this dreaded virus haven broken down the moral fibres of the youth and only a few engaging in good paying jobs where he or she can have the finance to buy Television, Radio, Newspaper, or to watch cinemas, where they would get proper orientation on what prevail without information, he or she might be deformed, or vulnerable to contracting the virus.
Furthermore, unemployment can make one to do crazy things at times even at the detriment of their lives to the extent of not having money to buy condom.
Let’s wander to the Ghanian society where the government has really tried by providing packets of condoms for members of the Ghanian Society every month as a way of tackling the Acquired Immuno Defiency Virus.   The government knew that will be a an intelligent way to communicate with the people, not by using the print or electronic media, but face to face communication that most of them especially those who are not married cannot object to.
According to an unnamed source who have lived in Ghana for 3 years she said “I love Ghanaians, especially their government, who always supports the masses by providing them with packets of condoms, thereby not encouraging having sex with one who is not your wife or husband with your flesh and blood, and is a nig way or solving the risk of being infected with the deadly virus called HIV/AIDS”.
Like Ghana, the rest of the world, especially Africa, should emulate and also provide the basic thing that the people need, and employment for the youth tops the list, so that there will be a reduction of the deadly scourge by the year 2015.
For Nigeria, the government, in the Federal, State, Local government and private parastatals and individuals should please provide avenue for job opportunities, in order to reduce the spread of the virus and much more support corporate bodies, orphanage homes who are already doing a great job in the campaign against HIV/AIDS.  Again educating people against discrimination on people living with the virus.  For example in Nigeria, there thousands of graduates from (MCS, HND, BSc, Diploma, OND) but there is no job opportunities created for these once, at for these ones, and for those who might have started having sex even when not married, need to be properly equipped with ideas, condoms before engaging in sexual practices.  But when the resource is not to get it the reverse is the case, and they might just fall victims.
So to kick against the spread of HIV/AIDS, we